Raiders of the Lost Ark


In 1982, three 11-year-old boys became completely obsessed with Raiders of the Lost Ark. The only way they could find to cope with their new all-consuming obsession was to make a doggedly faithful shot-for-shot remake of the film. Over the next seven years, they completed every single scene from the movie, except for one; the intimidating airplane set piece. After years of infighting and struggle and success, the trio walked away from the unfinished project after being at odds over a girl. Their real-life story is like something Steven Spielberg would have directed in the 80s. Naturally, somebody made a documentary about it and that documentary now has a distributor. (more…)

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Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb were just 10 and 11 years-old when they started shooting this thing. I halfway remember it being in the news a little bit, but completely forgot about it because life. They borrowed props, said goodbye to lunch money, and recruited friends to help out in their little recreation of Spielberg’s magnum opus, ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark.’ ‘Raiders’ is one of the most amazing movies ever made and was probably a catalyst that sparked my epic nerdity. That’s what makes me kinda jealous of these guys. I’d have loved to have gotten together with my boys and remade an incredible film, but my friends suck and don’t do cool things. So, basically here’s a story about guys I wish I was friends with. (more…)


Steven Soderbergh has had a long and experimental career in film. He’s made his real money directing commercial hits such as the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ remakes. Those jobs enabled him to play around with questionable projects like ‘Bubble,’ a film packed with amateur actors. Obviously some jobs aren’t too small for him, so he’ll take time out to direct a series for Cinemax or serve as 2nd unit director for ‘The Hunger Games.’ He’s a guy who loves to do things in film, and apparently with films, as his latest effort proves. Like that time he took Steven Spielberg’s ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ and turned it into a silent movie. A silent movie with…dance music? (more…)

raiders adaptation

Some of you out there may have heard of a fan-made adaption of Steven Spielberg’s massively popular Raiders of the Lost Ark. Appropriately titled Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, it was put together by a small group of kids with just one goal in mind – remake the entire film, shot-for-shot. Now the kids that did it are back for more. Being as how they were in their pre-teens when they started the seven-year project, there wasn’t a lot of money to make it perfect. Using a new Kickstarter campaign, they hope to change that. (more…)


For those of you that fanboy out on seeing how things work behind the scenes of your favorite films, I’ve got a treat for you today.  A PBS documentary that focuses on none-other-than Raiders of the Lost Ark is making the rounds.  Coming in at just under an hour, you can check this video out for FREE, courtesy of the magic of the Internetz.  Keep reading for more details and the video itself. (more…)

Way back in 1982, when making your own film was actually something of a difficult proposition, a group of friends decided that they’d make their own version of Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation was made by Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala over 7 years, and now author Alan Eisenstock is turning Strompolos and Zala’s journey into a page turner called Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made.

Here’s a description of the book, followed by a video trailer: (more…)

Brace yourselves, Jones fans, for the original Raiders of the Lost Ark will be hitting the big screen once more, though this time the screen in going to be really big.  That’s right, Raiders will be coming back briefly via some huge-ass mutha-fkn IMAX!

The release is part of a plan to help promote Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures, which is coming out on Blu-ray September 18th, but is also a pet project of Steven Spielberg, who had this to say about it:

For me, it’s always been the bigger the screen, the better. It’s the only marked contrast we have to the generations that are seeing our movies on phones and hand-held platforms. It’s a complete relief to be able to see a film that many people have just experienced on a palm-sized platform technology, suddenly hurled at that them on an Imax-sized screen.

And, thankfully, nothing has been screwed with.  No guns being digitally edited out and replaced by candy-canes or walkie-talkies or whatever.  So we get to see it in all its original glory, as God himself intended.

The IMAX release will only be running from September 7th to the 13th, so make sure to plan ahead if you want to see it.  Where is it playing, you ask?  We have no idea yet.  Official theater lists will no doubt be announced soon, at which point we’ll let you all know.


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Imagine the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark as piece of stop motion animation. Okay, now watch this clip of the opening sequence of Raider of the Lost Ark as stop motion animation by Jeff Gurwood. Yeah, I don’t know why I had you imagine it first, but this stop motion recreation is brilliant is it not? (io9)


Raiding The Lost Ark – A Filmumentary

Jamie Benning’s Raiders of the Lost Ark documentary Raiding the Lost Ark is just the medicine needed to get through a damp Thursday. I love these kind of documentaries; the little stories that make the movie that much more interesting to watch again. The mix of movie clips, actor and director commentaries, and shots of the actual filming is fascinating when edited together as well as these are.  

This is only a test copy of part one, so we have lots more to look forward to. This reminds me of the Planet of the Apes Documentary Behind Planet of the Apes 1998. If you haven’t seen it yet I HIGHLY recommend it to any Planet of the Apes fan.

After watching this short, my hopes are going to be pretty high for the finished product of Raiding the Lost Ark.

The Vemio description: 

Raiding the Lost Ark is an in-depth insight into the making of the 1981 collaboration between Spielberg and Lucas. This fan made Filmumentary contains behind the scenes video, rare interviews with cast and crew, reconstructed deleted scenes and subtitled facts.

This is a preliminary version of part 1. It’s pre-QC and pre-audio mix.

Raiding the Lost Ark: A Filmumentary – Part 1 from jambe davdar on Vimeo.