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There’s always two sides to every story, at least that’s what they say. It appears that J. Matthew Turner  is one of those people who believe that old saying, and he decided to put together a video to illustrate his belief that Daniel LaRusso is in fact the real bully of The Karate Kid. That’s right, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) of the Cobra Kai dojo is the one getting picked on, not Ralph Macchio. (more…)

The Kung Fu Kid, Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan

Oh God. Oh God. Please Say it ain’t so. Yes, click there to see the Weezer video of the same name…It’s a quick escape route to get you away from this story, sad and depressed. The remake of “The Karate Kid” ‘s train is still rolling right into us and the more details we hear, the more we want to die.  June 11th 2010 is the day..Much like 2012 and the end of the world, it FEELS the same…So heres a quick summary, Jaden Smith is Daniel San, but renamed Dre..Jackie Chan is Mr. Myagi,but renamed Mr. Han. They are in China now, and not California!? What the fuck!? Let’s rape my childhood some more, Hollywood!! Why don’t we rename it? Oh, that’s right, cuz the movie will tank if it goes by any other name..Pat Morita is doing backflips in his Urn right now! The only other thing worse was that movie he made with Jay Leno, which I give Oscar-like prestige to now considering this new monster on the horizon..

Why can’t Ralph Maccio come back for another installment? It’s because he’s almost 48.

48!!!!!!!!! WHERE HAS LIFE GONE TO!!!!!!??????

I love Will Smith, but his kid gives me douche-chills with his little serious looking face and rich kid pout..SMACK

Ralph Maccio did a good job of saying what we all feel.

“It feels pretty good that some people are pretty angry that they’re trying to remake ‘The Karate Kid.’ … From my personal view, the filling the void of what Mr. Miyagi was — and the magic of that character — is going to be the toughest task. I [also] don’t know where the romantic story-arc goes [with the character] at that age.”