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Dr. Teeth, Animal, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Janice and Zoot, the one and only Electric Mayhem -before Lips came in and ruined it with his trumpet. Douglas Holgate made this kick ass looking tour poster that looks to be pulled from our parents closets. This must have been an early in their career though since Zoot is nowhere to be seen, either that or this was during the first of his many drug-related offences. [The House Of Skullduggery]

Hit the jump for the Black Cat, The Avengers as Dragons and MOAR

Turtle’s Party Van Comes To Life

500x_tmnt__1_If this van drove up the street and a guy dressed up as one of the turtle tells me he has pizza, I don’t know if I could resist. The Party Van was a showcase at the Chicago Auto Show. Once a Volkswagen Bus, is now an awesome art gallery piece with the Raphael not looking that bad (I would prefer Donatello). Check after the jump to see other cool images of the Party Van.