With the somewhat controversial yet no less exciting Blu-ray releaese of the entire Star Wars saga the internet has been hit with a treasure trove of never before seen extras. The first batch of goodies which cropped up today is this gallery of rare, behind-the-scenes photos from the original trilogy.

The photos are cute, funny and completely nostalgic of time when puppets and scale models were the height of special effects technology. CGI ruined my childhood! Well, except for all those incredible films that could never have happened with out it…umm… Check out gallery below.

Anyone pick up the Blu-ray of any of the Star Wars films today? What d’ya think? Totally worth the hype?

Source: Geek Tyrant

If you were a fans of the Nintendo 64 back in the day then you were definitely a fan of the original Goldeneye video game. For many of us that was our first “four-way” outside of the Playstation, spending hours with three of your friends shooting with every manner of 007 gadget and gun you could acquire. Brings back some painful memories too, remember your first tea-bagging fellas, pretty humiliating.

Well load up the P90 and shine that Golden gun because Britain’s smooth talking secret agent is back in Goldeneye: Reloaded 007, coming out on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. This re-imaging of the classic game from RARE has more nostalgia then you could shake a stick at and it looks like fun. Rocking an opening speech from resident villain, Alec Trevelyan it really sets a fresh tone for the same game we played oh so many years ago.

I’m getting slappers just thinking about it.

source: The Daily What