Transformers has broken our heart time and time again, but nerds the world over can’t help but give their beloved robots in disguise a second chance. Or fifth. Or sixth. And now the full-length trailer for Bumblebee drops and fans are assuring themselves that this time, this time will be different. This one will be good. And it has signs of a good Transformers adaptation! The original form for Bumblebee that fans have been begging for, a likable human counterpart, and tons of 80s references. But does it have enough to make up for the previous movies?



As DC struggles to hold its own against an all-powerful Marvel/Disney alliance, one of their top dogs in the fight is the super hero show known as Arrow. Based off the Green Arrow character, the show has been met with more praise than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and has spawned a legion of fanboys/girls (as well as a Flash pilot). One thing that the writers of Arrow have done very well is their commitment to introducing a ton a familiar faces. We’ve seen Deathstroke, the Suicide Squad and a host of other baddies. Now, it looks like one more favorite will be coming to arrow – Ravager. (more…)


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Above: This is how you cosplay Wonder Woman. Fiercely. Created by kelldar and her husband, this is a costume years in the making, and their attention to detail shows. See more on her Tumblr. [Fashionably Geek]