When wrestling Superfan Kris Laufer and his group of wrestling cosplayers showed up at this week’s RAW in full costume, you’d think that WWE staff would be impressed, excited, and welcoming to such incredible cosplay. Seriously, what better way to show fans are pumped up than when they cosplay some of wrestling’s favorite characters? Turns out, that wasn’t the case and the group was forced to choose: Wear their costumes or lose their front row ($100) tickets to the event. (more…)

OPINION: Wrestling IS For Nerds!


Ah, pro-wrestling. Either you completely adore it, or you find it to be the most idiotic, mind-numbing sport on earth (it is a sport, damn it…). But whether you hate it or you have “Austin 3:16” tattooed on your chest, it is an event that is indisputably nerdy. Don’t believe me? Ok, let me put it this way: good guys and bad guys sporting character-specific costumes monologue about their hopes, fears, and hatred for each other, which culminates in hyped-up battles for dominance. Sound familiar? Yeah. Read on for further proof, NerdBastards. (more…)


Every year, around the end of March, the wrestling nerds and fans around the world looks forward to WrestleMania. This year the big wrestling event is being held at Arizona on March 28th and yours truly will be watching the event like always as he gets his fill of male soap opera. So, this list will provide 5 reasons as to why you should watch this years WrestleMania. But the list has its “twist” as in that the same 5 reasons to watch it will also be reasons why WrestleMania 26 might suck and not worth watching. Yeah, may not be too original but hey its something. Now, read on after the jump to the reasons why. (more…)

The War Begins Tonight! WWE Vs. TNA


Are you ready? I said are you ready? Yea, sorry for starting off with a DX reference but tonight is the night for wrestling fans as TNA makes it official move to Mondays. Since of 2001, this will be the first time WWE will have competition with another wrestling company on Monday nights and thus the new Monday Night War starts. One may ask why this is important, and truth be told, it’s always good to have competition and that may be the little push WWE needs to make wrestling a bit better as many fans can easily say it has been stale for years now. Let’s see what we have up for both shows tonight after the jump. (more…)

The Return Of The Monday Night Wars

WWE-vs-TNA1-300x209Yes, that’s right folks, I watch wrestling and a huge wrestling nerd. RAW is the reason why I have not watch Heroes, and hearing from whats been happening to that show, maybe its a good thing. Well wrestling fans, mark your calendars if you want because starting March 8th, Spike is moving TNA Impact to Monday nights and will be going against WWE’s Raw at the same time. TNA has been trying to go big with the debut of Hogan and Bischoff at the beginning of this year. How TNA will handle with the Monday airings is that it’ll be a live episode first, then a tape episode the next week, then a live one again, taped, and so on.  TNA is hoping they will get a bigger audience and expand with this move. You guys thinks this is a good move for them? You think this will take TNA to the top to take down Raw and WWE? (more…)

Last night, following the last few weeks of celebrity hosts on Monday Night RAW (WWE) I was uncomfortably surprised by the shameless plugging and terrible acting of none other than Bob Barker! Yes, The Price Is Right and Happy Gilmore. There to sell his book, which he did at EVERY turn, and stumble through his duties as guest host.

They need some top hosts if they don’t want this to turn lame…Its about to jump the shark, unless the next celebrity host is the muthafucken ROCK!

(This counts cuz I’m a NB for RAW)