Ray Bradbury

Many people would, and will say that the world is a smaller, less imaginative place today with the passing of author Ray Bradbury. This NerdBastad believes that isn’t so.

The world is forever more imaginative because Bradbury, with his literary works, forever changed the future’s landscape by opening the minds of his readers to the untold possibilities and influenced countless creative geniuses in every field of human endeavor. Bradbury’s legacy will continue to multiply, divide, and multiply again and again.

Bradbury’s daughter confirmed his death to the Associated Press on Wednesday morning. She said her 91 year old father died Tuesday night in Southern California.

The author of classic Sci-Fi books such as “Fahrenheit 451” and “The Martian Chronicles” was born in Waukegan, Ill, on Aug. 22, 1920. Bradbury was living in Los Angeles at the time of his death, his home for the past several decades.

Bradbury authored more than 27 novels and collected stories and penned over 600 short stories. Bradbury is often credited with raising the then battered reputation of science fiction. Many say Bradbury single-handedly dragged the Sci-Fi genre from pulp fiction, into the realm of literature. UCI Physics professor and Nebula Award-winning science fiction writer Gregory Benford said:

“The only figure comparable to mention would be [Robert A.] Heinlein and then later [Arthur C.] Clarke, but Bradbury, in the ‘40s and ‘50s, became the name brand.”

It’s gonna take a couple of days for this news to really sink in for this NerdBastard, although writing this post has helped. Every nerd or geek has a story about how Ray Bradbury affected their lives, even if they aren’t aware of it.

We’re gonna end this post with two videos. The first is a video conversation with Ray Bradbury that’s a wonderfully whimsical look at Bradbury and his thoughts on books, libraries, and life. The second is a video that reflects the style and outlook on nerdy and geeky things that NerdBastards love.


Via: Chicago Tribune

All the 50s Sci-Fi fans, THROW YA HANDS UP!

It might be time for Sci-Fi legend Ray Bradbury to get the big budget cinema treatment he deserves.

The Hollywood Reporter said Tuesday that Paramount Pictures has picked up the rights to Bradbury’s 1950s collection of loosely-linked short stories, The Martian Chronicles,  and they want John Davis to produce the adaptation.

Davis has a lot of Sci-Fi street cred, to be sure. Despite a few missteps in his filmography (like Paycheck…ouch), Davis’ credits also include every film in the Predator franchise (including the AVP flicks), I, Robot and Waterworld, which by now we all have to admit is so bad that it’s good (Come on…Costner drinks his own pee in that movie! His own pee!).

The book is a collection of stories written by Bradbury in the 1940s, all focusing on the colonization of Mars by a group of humans fleeing a deteriorating Earth, only to find that the native Martians aren’t too happy to have them there. The story has already produced a TV miniseries released on NBC in 1980, but despite the presence of the late, great Rock Hudson, Bradbury himself dismissed the final product as boring. Mr. Blockbuster himself, Steven Spielberg, optioned the book in the late 90s and hired several writers to work on it, but nothing ever got off the ground, and now it’s in Paramount’s hands.

Ray Bradbury is 90 now. Maybe we can get a good movie out of this before he dies. Get your asses in gear, Paramount.


F*ck Me Ray Bradbury, The Song/Music Video


This is a song and music video entitled, ‘Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury’ by Rachel Bloom. It’s about some chick who wants to get boned by Ray Bradbury. It’s a catchy little tune with some fair production value and I love how she slaps Kurt Vonnegut at the end, but ultimately it’s a nerd fail. It needed more cowbell. Seriously, the song is nothing but a two minute bit about fucking. But really, is there anything even wrong with that? Her boobs, sexual innuendos and mere mention of Ray Bradbury is a service to fans is it not? So what if she the vaguest familiarity with Ray Bradbury? So what if he would be insulted to be referred to as a Sci-Fi writer? This hot nerdy girlie has some titties that we suck you in like tractor beams. That’s all that matters doesn’t it?