Ray Fisher


While the debate between worthiness and terribleness about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice continues, fans and critics are also continuing to unpack the numerous set-ups and references that director Zack Snyder crammed into the film. The biggest among those crammed items is a rather blatant and explicit five minute long sequence that introduced members of the Justice League that didn’t have a significant role in the story, including Victor Stone, AKA: Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher. In that vignette though, there’s a much more significant reveal that Snyder has now confirmed. Beware! There be spoilers revealed from here… (more…)


Sometimes Hollywood plays its movie cards so close to the vest that even the actors involved don’t find out the exact details until the last-minute. Sure, they sign multi-picture deals for big ensemble movies, but apparently Ray Fisher had no idea that along with appearing in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and a couple of Justice League movies that his character Cyborg would also be getting his own stand alone movie. (more…)


Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujuhara laid out Warner and DC’s Cinematic Battle plan to take on Marvel at this year’s Time Warner Investor Day earlier today. Earlier this year along with the date change to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice there were a number of untitled movie dates released. Now we know the characters that will be featured in those still untitled films. (more…)


Well folks, it looks like the Batman vs. Superman flick has just gotten even more crowded. It was big enough for the big screen with just Superman and Batman made it even bigger and then they went and added Wonder Woman in the mix and blew the thing up to ungodly proportions. So what’s next? One more Justice League member will be hopping on the screen with the rest of the DC heroes. And that man is none-other-than Cyborg. (more…)


…One of these five guys. Maybe.

Variety is reporting that J.J. Abrams is close to casting the lead role in Star Wars: Episode VII with only a handful of actors on his short list and it is a very interesting short list indeed. According to their sources the main character (who will not be the offspring of Leia and Han Solo or Luke and.. um… Luke’s friend) could be one of these five actors, however they did add he caveat that ‘the search is still on‘  just incase this turns out to be bunk.

So, who could be (allegedly) facing off against the (rumored) villainous Adam Driver, who’s (reportedly) been cast as the films bad guy? (more…)