Ray Palmer

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Arrow‘s nonsensical, “What the hell’s going on?” season continues, picking up where we left off about a month ago with an offer, or make that “The Offer,” of Ra’s al Ghul to Oliver Queen to lead the League of Assassins. By the end of the hour it becomes very clear that this is an offer that Oliver can’t refuse, or rather he’s being manipulated into a position where he can’t refuse it. “The Offer” itself was an interesting hour, dramatically compelling with top-notch action, but the episode, like much of the overarching plotting this season feels both rushed and sudden, as if character is serving plot and not vice versa. (more…)


Well, that’s kind of a confusing headline. What do we mean? To put it simply Devon Aoki‘s Katana isn’t the only new DC Comics character to join the cast of the third season of Arrow, as Superman Returns star Brandon Routh has now signed up to play Ray “The Atom” Palmer in the CW series. And nope, this looks like no mere cameo either as Routh has been booked for what looks like an extended stay in Starling City. (more…)