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LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow reboot is the biggest thing to hit Kickstarter since that meddlesome girl P.I. Veronica Mars. Having easily streamed past its initial $1 million goal, and nearing its secondary goal of $5 million, Burton and his team are giving it a big push that will have some very specific appeal to Trekkies. If you love Reading Rainbow, and if you love Star Trek, then Burton has a treat for you. (more…)


We featured Levar Burton‘s new Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign yesterday, along with 95% of the Internet and it seems that all the attention has paid off big time. In less than one day Burton’s Kickstarter reached the $1 million dollar goal and is still climbing. One of Burton’s Reading Rainbow team decided to video Burton’s reaction when the $1 million dollar goal was reached and we’ve got his tearful reaction video below. (more…)

burton reading rainbow

We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous shit pop up ever since the phenomenon of Kickstarter infected the Internet. Not all the stuff that people want funding for makes a lot of sense, particularly when it comes to big-moneyed stars trying to get other (i.e.: poorer) people to pay for their pet projects. But one of the latest Kickstarter campaigns is actually worthy of our attention. Star Trek: The Next Generation star, LeVar Burton is looking to get some cash together so he can restart his old educational show, Reading Rainbow. (more…)