A Real Life Mario World

You played Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers for years, mastering your timing and getting speed runs down to a science. After all this practice would it be possible to survive an actual level of Super Mario in real life? Andrew McMurry has created this awesome 3D video of himself in a real life Mario world. It wouldn’t be real life without giving Andrew a gun though, fireflowers are so 1988. He could always just stomp on a Koopa but why do that when he can just pop a cap in that turtle shell.

Who needs 3 lives when your carrying a 45?

Nobody say’s “The Princess is in another Castle” facing a power-up that’ll blow their brain right out of their ears.

Via: You Bent My Wookie


I used to be a Pokemon fan, and I spent days and weeks trying in vain to “catch ’em all,” and I still cannot help but smile when I see someone playing with Pokemon cards or the newest game.

When I saw the pictures of “real-life Pokemon” drawn by Alysia Prosser, also known as Leashe on deviantART, the memories came flooding in. I was instantly transported back to playing Pokemon Blue on my green GameBoy pocket trying to defeat all gym leaders while catching all the rarest Pokemon.

The pictures are amazing, and I could see them put into a collection, or even be used for inspiration if a live action/CGI Pokemon movie will ever be made. Which is your favorite?