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Because men eating bizarre foods (hehe see what I did there… it’s the name of the show) and downing meals of epic proportions isn’t enough, the Travel Channel will air a new reality series… about toys and and collectibles. Seems a little out of their wheelhouse, but I do like toys so…

Watch Travel Channel’s new reality TV show this January 15th, and follow Toy and Collectibles dealer Jordan Hembrough and his team as they travel the country searching for rare and valuable toys and pop culture collectibles! Learn about the history of some of the most popular toy lines in the past 30 years and follow Hembrough as he hunts for the Holy Grails of the collecting community.

The first episode will take Hembrough and his Hollywood Heroes to New York Comic Con, as Hembrough and his team search for rare collectibles. Can Jordan “seal the deal” and turn his new found treasures into Toy Gold?! Tune in Jan 15th and find out! Tune in at 11:00pm on Travel Channel. Check your local listings.

So, it’s like American Pickers, but with toys. If you’re a toy fan or even a vintage toy fan in general, this will be a must watch show. If you’re anything like me, however, seeing grown men get grabby with plastic idols will make you sad. Adults gettin’ wide-eyed over dolls isn’t the problem. I’m a man-child myself. It’s seeing these dudes scoring big on toys I no longer have (thanks Mom for throwing away all my Thundercats and G.I. Joes.) or will ever own is what will infuriate me. The jealousy!

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Merv Griffin Entertainment, the company behind Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, has teamed with Namco Bandai Games America to develop a reality game show based on the 30 year old video game Pac-Man!

This news doesn’t get me excited . . . or angry . . . or even confused . . . it makes me sad.  This is one of the saddest announcements that I have ever written about, because this isn’t the announcement that Merv Griffin Entertainment is making a reality show based on the video game Pac-Man.  It’s the announcement that no one at Merv Griffin Entertainment has an ounce of creativity, of common sense, and perhaps even lack simple dignity.

Roy Bank, Merv’s head of Television describes the show to Deadline as:

A big, crazy Wipeout-type event with a lot of energy. The idea we have is to take what Pac-Man is and bring it to life, to bring what is essentially the world’s biggest game of tag to television.

The World’s biggest game of tag in history.” Now I get it.  Roy Banks was the creative force behind the show Are you Smarter Than 5th Grader before coming to Merv Griffin Entertainment.  He must have hired those same 5th graders to create new shows for him.  What’s next Duck – Duck – Goose? Wait, I have one for you.  Pong! Wait, we have tennis already, damn . . . give me another minute and I’ll have gold for ya Roy.  The FBI and others train agents to “tail” suspects and record where, when, and what, a person was doing during the time they were under surveillance.  Why not do a reality show about that training?  There’s your World’s biggest game of tag.

To recap . . . Roy Banks . . . Merv Griffin Entertainment . . . Reality Show Pac-Man . . .Train Wreck . . . Merv Griffin rolls over in grave.

source: Deadline

Gah! I dunno whether to kill it or fuck it.

Gah! I dunno whether to kill it or fuck it.

Dude, I loved the movie ‘Face-Off’. Cage. Travolta. Good. Evil. Faces. Awesome. Whats this now, SyFy Channel’s “Face Off” has nothing to do with possibly the greatest, and definitely the most exuberant, action film to come out of the the ’90s? It’s a reality series, coming January 26th that pits up and coming special effects artists against each other  utilizing their skills in mortal combat competition, you say. Well, pinch my nipples and call me sally. That sounds fun. Now, I’m not one to endorse reality series, ’cause I think they are dumb-ifying America, but I am susceptible to ‘Hollywood’ behind the scenes type stuff, especially SFX. The process of creating monsters, ghouls, ghosts, aliens and whatever other wacky, out of this world shit creatives dream up is fascinating. The shit is just plain cool.

‘Face Off’, the series will introduce 12 up-and-coming make-up artists who will face off in Los Angeles in a series of elaborate challenges that will determine just who has the steady artistic hand to be the country’s next great SFX artist. The 12 Face Off artists will be whittled down week-by-week as they compete to outshine their competition. The winning SFX artist will receive $100,000 and a year’s supply of make-up courtesy of Alcone.

I’m definitely  going to watch this! Absolutely love this kinda thing! However, I also wanna shake a fist with the rest of you. I know I can’t have it both ways, but SyFy canceled ‘Caprica’ and ‘Stargate Universe’ in favor of another non-reality, reality show. I got my dick in hand while I simultaneously roll my eyes. Fuck you SyFy. It’s like I have a layer of approval for you in between a layer of hate and disgust.  Eh, at-least it’s not another ‘Ghost Hunters’ spin-off.

Regardless of your feelings about reality television and poor schmucks shaming themselves on camera just to get a job, you have to admit ‘Face Off’ might be worth checking out.

Syfy’s new reality competition series, Face Off, premiers Wednesday, January 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy