Rebekah Isaacs

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Who doesn’t love the Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The show where normal teenage high school cheerleader Buffy Summers finds out that not only is the paranormal real, it’s her job to kick it in the teeth—and boy, does she ever. The TV show, a re-imagining and update (created by Avengers and Firefly director Joss Whedon) of the movie of the same name, ran from 1997 ’til 2003 for seven seasons. Fans could not get enough of it; despite the show ending, people clamored for more of Buffy and the gang, which resulted in an ongoing series to continue the story. This resulted in three more seasons in comic form. Now, this fall, the story will continue again. (more…)

At least half of the success of Dark Horse’s Angel & Faith comes from artist Rebekah Isaac’s, whose take on Buffyverse characters helped make this book a success.  We had the chance to talk with Isaacs about characters, fangirling and a whole lot of muffins.

First off, Angel & Faith – we’re about halfway through, is that right? Going to 25?

Rebekah Isaacs: Yeah, We’re a little bit over – I think we just finished 14. Yeah.

So, how are you feeling about it? Obviously, still invested in the characters. How are you approaching it now versus when you started?

Isaacs: Oh, man. Hopefully, just getting better with every issue. Yeah, I mean. My approach is still the same. I feel like I have been able to relax into it more just because I’ve been working, drawing the characters – so, it’s a little more fun, not quite as stressful as it was before.

I know at the panel last year, the Dark Horse and Vampires panel, you had mentioned that there was a re-watch happening.

Isaacs: Oh, yeah yeah.

You’ve made it back through?

Isaacs: Yeah… It was funny. I started watching – I started re-watching right after the Drusilla arc was over and I really wish that I had rewatched before I started that because I feel like I definitely did get a better sense of Angel and Drusilla’s relationship re-watching it. It’s like, really freaky and messed up.

It’s a little bit wrong. Actually, it’s a lot wrong.

Isaacs: Yeah, it is.

At Dragon*Con, Georges Jeanty mentioned that one of his regrets for Season 9 was not being able to do the big crossover, not being able to have a chance to work with you directly.

Isaacs: I don’t think we’re going to have a chance to do that, unfortunately, but that would have been really cool.

Maybe next time? You’re in for Season 10?

Isaacs: Oh, yep. Definitely. As long as they’ll have me. I have been able to, luckily, draw most of the Buffy characters in some form or other. Buffy and Xander were in, well, Buffy a couple of times just as little flashbacks. Xander is in a flashback. And then Spike, showing up in the next arc of course, so. But yeah, that would be really cool. I hope I’ll be able to draw Buffy soon.

If you did swap over, which character did you wish you had more time with, that you haven’t had a chance to do?

Isaacs: I really, I love Xander so he would be really fun to draw now – especially with the eyepatch. It’s super stylish. And that’s one whole eye that I don’t have to draw. That’s my lazy side coming out.

So, with the familiarity, with the number of issues you’ve done – I’ve noticed and one of the things that I love about both this book and the Buffy book is how integral the art is, how you convey so much in just the expressions. Like, there was one moment in one issue – when Angel was going to Connor, and for some reason he had like 14 muffins in his hand. I don’t know why he did, but I love that it happened. How much of that is coming from you and your confidence with these characters?

Isaacs: The muffins were me. That came more from my personal experience always being so hungry when I get off of a flight. And so, I figured, Angel’s dragging everybody around right after they’ve got off the plane. They haven’t had a chance to eat so, I imagine that he would maybe have snapped out of it and realized, “Oh, you guys are starving. I’ll buy them some muffins.”

It was just one of those one-panel moments where I was like, “That is awesome.” Can you give some hints about what’s coming up – I know they’ve got the Spike and Willow series and Drusilla’s coming up in her own series.

Isaacs: Drusilla? Oh, right, the mini. I don’t know what’s going on with that. I’m out of the loop on that. Yeah, it looks awesome. I was able to see the first issue.

Beyond that, can you give us any idea – because it seems like everything is going crazy in every Buffyverse book at once.

Isaacs: Oh yeah. It’s going to get even crazier. I can’t spoil too much. We are going to get some really great Ripper flashbacks in the next arc and that’s going to tie in with the Giles flashbacks. What’s happening in the present day (is) going to start to matter a lot more. But other than that, it would be difficult to say anything without giving too much away.

So, what’s your favorite comic?

Isaacs: Well, besides Buffy and Angel & Faith – one book that I really love that I think all Buffyverse fans would really enjoy is Locke & Key. Have you been reading that?

A friend of mine gave me the first trade and said, “You must read this.”

Isaacs: Oh, the first trade is so – like, once I got to the end of it, I was like, “Holy crap. How – I’ve got to get every single issue of this right now” and I was so mad that I couldn’t get to the comic store that day. It’s not – it’s still wrapping up. I think there’s one more arc to go but it’s got a lot of similar elements to Buffy and Angel.

One last question – since I did fangirl at you earlier. Anyone here that you’re going to get a little flippy about?

Isaacs: Oooh. Well, I probably won’t get a chance to actually talk to him or stand in line to see him, but Yoshitaka Amano from the Final Fantasy series – I’m a huge Final Fantasy nerd, so I at least just want to go by and view him from a distance and just giggle.

Oh, I know that feeling.

Rebekah Isaacs is the regular artist on Dark Horse Comics’ Angel and Faith comic. You can check out Rebekah’s variant cover on issue #15 at the end of this month and she will return to her regular penciling duties on issue #16 this November.