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Warning – Minor spoilers for Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road are ahead. Nothing Earth shattering but hey, you have been warned.

This weekend, two new movies hit theaters across America and managed to kick the box office juggernaut Avengers: Age of Ultron down from its throne, landing the newest Marvel adventure in third place for the weekend box office.  The backdrop of the new releases, Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2, couldn’t be more different.  Mad Max: Fury Road is a return to a dystopian world first introduced to audiences back in 1979, with original Mad Max director George Miller back behind the wheel.  The movie is dark and action packed from beginning to end and presents a world lacking water, oil, and civility.  Its main protagonists are an almost nameless man (Max, played by Tom Hardy) searching for redemption and a woman named Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron), who is searching for the same.  Pitch Perfect 2, on the other hand, is a bright, cheerful movie about a group of college girls who are seeking redemption in a completely different way, in a completely different world.  While in Fury Road, the good guys are battling mad men with weapons and vehicles that seem to have been literally transported back from a future that we all hope will never come, the girls of Pitch Perfect 2 were singing their way back to former glory while their main antagonists, a German a Capella group, happen to be able to make some great sounds with their mouths. The differences between the movies matter but what matters more here is the one thing they both have in common: Girl Power, in spades. (more…)

CBS Greenlights Show About Nerdy Women

(Talk nerdy to me ladies)

Because there can never be enough nerdy television, CBS is teaming with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco in association with Warner Bros for something called Super Fun Night.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the show as “a multi-camera comedy that revolves around three nerdy female friends on their ‘funcomfortable’ quest to have ‘super fun’ every Friday night.” So… it’s a female version of the Big Bang Theory, with pillow fights. Oh there will be pillow fights, I’m sure.

As for just who’s starring in Super Fun Night? Right now, Australian actress Rebel Wilson (Brynn from Bridesmaids) is locked. She will also write and co-produce. The pilot itself will more then likely draw some heat from pro-Bang Theory viewers, but with a mostly female cast the potential for a hit series is there. Anytime you throw nerds and boobs together on TV people are going to want to see the results.

Source: The Mary Sue