Star Wars is a franchise that brings out the passion in an almost countless number of fanboys and fangirls.  Most of that passion is for the nostalgia that comes along with one of the greatest space operas in history and just demonstrates the love that fans feel towards the franchise.  Unfortunately, thanks to the not quite thought out prequels, there is another passion that is ignited at the mention of Star Wars; one that is punctuated not only by the bad acting in Episodes I-III but also in the inconsistent storytelling that made it obvious that George Lucas had no idea what he wanted to do with those prequels.  Now, a new era beginning with Episode VII is finally a reality that will arrive much sooner than it may seem.  Between a new trilogy and several spinoff movies, the Star Wars Universe will be expanding exponentially over the next few years.  How will it be handled? Luckily, it appears that the new trilogy will do what it can to make sure that moving forward, all of the stories in the Star Wars universe remain consistent. (more…)


“Order 67?” “Wookie Hunters?” “Gungan Frontier?” Could these be some of the new Star Wars titles coming to a theater, TV screen or video game shelf near you soon? IGN seems to think it’s a possibility.

Now since the Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm, they have taken the cap off on all sorts of Star Wars related developments be they movies, TV series or video games. The full list of URLs is below. Now you can click on them, but they won’t tell you anything about the nature of the project behind the URL, but the various titles listed do offer some intriguing possibilities.

Here’s the list:

While it’s a bit disturbing that Lucasfilm is planning not just one, but four “Gungan Frontier” projects, “Wookie Hunters” sounds interesting, and is maybe a chance to highlight a little appreciated bit of Star Wars mythology. Meanwhile, “Rebels” and “Alliance” sounds a little broad, “Order 67” sounds a little vague, and “Wolfpack” or “Wolfpack Adventures” sounds rather generic. I wouldn’t bet the bank that these are projects on the front burner, but they maybe kicking around the Lucasfilm offices regardless. I guess we’ll find out.

More news as it develops.

Source: Blastr