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Red Letter Media is at it again, this time pointing out all the Star Trek references in the latest in the franchise, J.J. Abrams Star Trek into Darkness. The video goes much deeper than the glaringly obvious ones that everyone gets to point out other similarities and references used throughout the various franchise incarnations on television and the big screen.

If you haven’t seen Star Trek into Darkness yet you might want to wait until you do, there are severe spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned, so no whining about spoilers in the comments section.

If you’re at work you might want to put on the headphones or turn the sound down some. There’s a couple of word bombs that might cross the HR line for “at the office” viewing.


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Those who can’t do, critique. And no one proves that better than the gang at Red Letter Media. And with a film that’s been as divisive as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey it makes prime fodder for mockery and, perhaps, some serious criticism.

I can’t say I’ve been a fan of many of the Mr. Plinkett videos, a one trick pony of you ask me. But 30 minutes of this video was, dare I say, a little like sitting through the worst parts of The Hobbit. I don’t know, What do you Bastards think?

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Oh joy! It’s that time again. Time for another rousing review from  Mr. Plinkett of Red Letter Media.

Who’s this Plinkett fella? Well, he’s a YouTube sensation best known for outrageously long and incredibly harsh movie reviews.  This isn’t some uneducated hack who prattles on about why a movie is bad. No, this expositor is well versed in the process of storytelling and film making. His comments and analysis are well constructed and valid in point.  Now, his stroke victim like voice may be a bit of a turn off, but rest assured, it’s all part of his sch-tick. He’s all about conveying the idea that even an idiot could understand how stupid a movie is.

Very seldom do I look forward to anything on the Internet anymore, but when Mr. Plinkett comes around with a new review… I’m sitting’ Indian-style, with my shirt pulled over my knees, listening in awe.

Today’s review is rather interesting though, as it’s out of the norm for Mr Plinkett. I mean, this is the dude that delivered feature-length video takedowns of the Star Wars prequels, detailing why each film failed. I would never expect him to say something favorable about a movie. But here he is…giving glorious praise to  Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. Impossible!

I guess, when you think about it, the original Star Wars is a damn near perfect film. Same goes for Empire. It only makes sense for Mr. Plinkett to complete circle. To discuss the bad and applaud the good.

Have a listen to the audio commentary track below. As you might expect, Mr. Plinkett gives his analysis, but digresses a great deal. A very bizarre man of comedy and truth. Enjoy!

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The Prometheus like/don’t like controversy is afoot and people continue to voice their confusion and discontent regarding Ridley Scott’s recent return to the Alien franchise.  There are those in the camp that claim the movie doesn’t go anywhere and those who are examining the living crap out of the film in order to figure out all of its hidden secrets.  But, from out of the chaos a voice arises…

Red Letter Media has put together a video that has a few things to say about the perplexing picture, including what they liked and didn’t like, their list of unanswered questions and unexplained plotlines and the Aliens franchise in general.  Have a look below:

I’ve not heard of these guys before, but I have to say they did a pretty good job of encompassing most of the aspects of a decent film appraisal.  And they’re funny, which is always a plus.

While I’d love to sit down and go over each of their questions and present my own answers, I will refrain in order to avoid the crazy cloud that surrounds the film.  So instead, I’ll just sit here contentedly in the knowledge that I understand the movie completely and that everyone else is just dumb.


Thanks to slashfilm for pointing us in the right direction on this one.

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He’s baaaack! Who’s back? Mike (or Mr. Plinkett as he now likes to be called) from Red Letter Media, that’s who. Who’s this Mike fella? He’s the critic known for his movie reviews that are as outrageously long as they are harsh. This is the guy…excuse me, LEGEND who spent 70 minutes, excessively dissecting Star Wars: Episode One, illustrating why it’s legitimately a piece of shit. This isn’t some guy that prattles on and on about why a movie is bad. No,  this dude is well versed in the process of storytelling and film making. His comments are well constructed and valid in point. His videos are well edited too. With cuts that are comically well timed. You may be turned off by his stroke victim like voice, but be rest assured it’s all part of his sch-tick about how even an idiot could understand how stupid a movie is. His reviews are perhaps the greatest things to ever hit the internetz.

The first part of Red Letter Media’s feature-length review series hit almost exactly a year ago, the second in April, and now the cycle is complete. A 110-minute takedown of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith is here.

Check out the review after the break and, while you’re at it tell us what you think.