Kevin Smith is a successful writer, director, podcaster and traveling story teller. He is all those things, yet, most folks just think of him as that funny fat guy who talks a lot and made those Jay and Silent Bob movies.

If you’ve been paying attention to Smith these days, you may have noticed that he’s done a complete 180. Not only has he jumped film genres, but the sharp tongued funnyman has lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Having Tweeted the photo above earlier today from the set of his latest film Yoga Hosers, fans will no longer see Smith as a funny fat man, and instead just a funny man.

How’d he do it? Smith has a rather remarkably simple tip. (more…)

Kevin Smith to Tour With His Cartoon Movie

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, even if you’re imitating yourself. In this case, filmmaker Kevin Smith has announced his intention to travel theater to theater with his new film, Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, when it’s released later this spring. The model is the same one he used when his last film Red State come out two years ago, turning that independent release into a D.I.Y. hit.

Details and a trailer for Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie are coming sometime in the next month, but the official poster for the film was recently posted on Smith’s Blog.

What do you Bastards think? Are you ready to buy your tickets for Smith’s Groovy Cartoon and Q&A?

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REVIEW: Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’

Much of the hype surrounding Red State has been based very simply (and understandably) on the “Hey, Kevin Smith made a horror movie” condition. This is he of the 37 dick jokes, after all, and ever since the flick was announced many fans have viewed it as a kind of curiosity, almost a cinematic stunt. At the very least, Red State proves Kevin Smith was sincere in his effort to take his filmmaking in a completely different direction. But it goes further. This is Kevin Smith at the height of his filmmaking energy, earnestly crafting something visceral and gripping. It’s not just good for a Kevin Smith horror picture. It’s good for any horror picture.


After much self-released events, Kevin Smith is finally set to arrive in theaters, but it is promised to be a unique experience. The press release from gives all movie-goers a sneak-peek of what to expect:

“On Sunday, September 25, Red State will screen at select theatres nationwide through a unique partnership with the Emerging Pictures theatre network, announced David Dinerstein, whose D Squared Films is overseeing the films distribution for SModcast. “Red State will be made available as a ‘One-Night-Only’ event which mirrors the format of SModcast’s record breaking Red State USA Tour from earlier this year. For this screening event, Smith’s trademark post show Q&A will be digitally streamed live from Tarantino’s New Beverly into all of the participating theatres, allowing audience members to interact directly with Smith utilizing Twitter. Smith will be joined on stage by a special guest who will moderate the Q&A,” said Dinerstein.

Written and directed by Kevin Smith and produced by Jonathan Gordon, Red State stars 2011 Academy Award winner for Best Actress Melissa Leo, Golden Globe winner John Goodman, and Michael Parks. The film debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to much notoriety when Smith ended studio bidding by buying his own film for $20 and declaring he would be self-distributing the film theatrically. Smith has since toured the film around the country to enthusiastic audiences, grossing $1,065,429 to date at the North American box office from only 22 single show engagements and its Academy-qualifying run.
Following Smith’s original mandate to maximize the potential audience while minimizing the excessive marketing costs normally associated with distribution, he and his team have devised a unique distribution plan that will make the film available on multiple platforms simultaneously, including today’s debut of the film on Video-On-Demand (VOD) from Lionsgate. Lionsgate has previously announced that the DVD and and BluRay is set to be released on October 18 to coincide with the 17th anniversary of Smith’s debut film Clerks.

Red State tells the story of a group of teens in Middle America who receive an online invitation for sex, but soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.”

By all means, Smith has been running on full cylinders promoting this film and its shown in ticket sales. After SModcasts (Smith’s company) released the film March 5, it kick started the 15 city Red State USA Tour. This tour allowed the film to unexpectedly become one of the few films to become the 9th highest per screen average film of all time.

This past weekend Red State secured the highest per-theater-average of any film in release for the past two weekends, averaging of $25,800 and $10,000 per theater, respectively. So will you be making it to theaters to check out Kevin Smith’s new movie or will you wait until it goes to Netflix?

Red State has led an interesting life as it slowly works it’s way towards an official release. Kevin Smith pissed a lot of folks off when he announced he would be distributing the movie himself, or at least without studio involvement, but it seems this hasn’t soured any of his fans. Using the growing empire of podcasts and now S.I.R, Smith has done a fine job spreading the Red word. He’s also been taking Red State on tour premiering the flick in cities all around the country.

Red State is set to be released via Video on Demand in September, but now, in an Academy Award-qualifying move, Red State will have a theatrical run from August 19-25 at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. So, bully for you, Angelenos. To coincide with this announcement here’s a look at the official trailer and poster, of which you can see a bigger, prettier version below the cut.

Whoa. This is the first footage I’ve seen of Red State, and seriously, whoa. This is creepy shit. A very different film for Smith, but a welcome change on a crazy, intense subject. I’m stoked. My favorite part of the trailer might be, “From @ThatKevinSmith,” making social media a prominent part of the film’s promotion, which it was.

So now Red State‘s well in the can, and soon set for release, what is Smith doing with his free time? Oh, just watching his media empire grow. From live shows, podcasts and an internet radio station, Smith is really making a brand of himself. Well now we might be able to catch him on a daily televised talk show. Here’s what Vulture has been able to uncover,

Smith’s reps are telling celebs that the tentatively titled Kevin Smith Project will be “a daily 30-minute entertainment talk show for syndication … The idea is a Regis and Kelly talk show at the opposite end of the day for the opposite kind of audience — the 12-34 demo. Kevin and his co-host will talk water-cooler topics at the top of the show, followed by a celebrity interview and a comedy segment from the field (a la The Daily Show). Each show will feature one celebrity interview.” The message also gives a hint as to which studios might be behind the project: “The show is being positioned to air following TMZ, in the 6-8pm time period on the Fox stations in all the major markets.” TMZ hails from Warner Bros. Television’s Telepictures unit, so that studio could be a likely home for Smith; the Fox stations also could be behind the show via their sister studio, Twentieth Television.

Interesting, but I have the same concern as many others, how can you really enjoy Kevin Smith censored? I mean, he’d have to be for this show to be on FOX or any other cable station. Either that or it’ll be a show with a lot of fuckin’ beeps.

So what d’ya guys think? On any one of these topics, the Red State trailer and poster, his TV talk show, or shit, Smith in general. Sound off!

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The Sundance Film Festival was yet another turning point in the career of Jersey Boy turned Hollywood director Kevin Smith (Clerks of course being the first). His new film Red State has been getting a lot of buzz and good reviews. Not only because it’s out of Kevin’s normal directorial range (His first attempt at Horror. Well, second… if you count Jersey Girl), but he bought the rights to his own movie. Since then he’s taken the film across America with special one night showings, bringing cast members to selected cities and answering questions following every showing. It’s amazing that he’s pulled off such a successful grassroots campaign, but it can only go so far. Now Smith has a backing to distribute Red State to the masses.

Deadline has reported that Lionsgate has obtained the rights to distribute the independent horror film. Smith will keep the theatrical rights to the film, as he did make the movie, but Lionsgate pretty much has rights to everything else. So it could very well mean that we might end up seeing a few late night commercials as the film gets set for it’s release on DVD.

Here is IMDb’s synopsis of it:

Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.

And here’s the trailer:

Kevin Smith’s Red State hits DVD shelves everywhere October 19, 2011

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It seems that Kevin Smith had a good idea to self-distribute his new horror film, Red State.

According to an article on GigaOM, Smith has already made back the $4 million his production company, SMODcast Pictures, invested.

At Sundance earlier this year, Smith announced that he would self-distribute Red State, launching the theatrical release on October 19, 2011, the seventeenth anniversary of the release of his first breakout hit, Clerks. But prior to that, Smith decided to take the movie on the road, going on a 15-city tour and granting question and answer sessions after screenings of the film.

That plan has apparently already paid off, as Smith told an audience at the National Association of Broadcasters show Wednesday that while SMODcast has yet to make a formal announcement, he was happy to say that Red State was officially “in the black.” But that’s not the only milestone the film was able to achieve. As first noted in Indiewire, Red State was technically the 10th-highest weekend theater average, taking in more than $161,000 at the movie’s launch at Radio City Music Hall in March.

Smith’s plan to self-distribute Red State came after apparently being turned down by long-term backers Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The Weinsteins had for years helped to produce and distribute Smith’s distinctive brand of off-beat comedies from Clerks to Zack and Miri Make a Porno. But the two apparently didn’t have the stomach for Red State, a satirical horror film loosely based on the Westboro Baptist Church. According to Smith at NAB, the Weinsteins said they didn’t see an audience for the film.

The self-distribution plan also came in response to what Smith saw as inefficiency in the way films were marketed. Based on previous films, he estimated that it would cost a major studio some $20 million to market the film, or five times what it cost to make.

Personally, I’ve always liked Smith’s films. They are good films with a heart to them, even films such as Zack and Miri Make a Porno or Dogma. If you haven’t seen any of his films, I would definitely suggest you do.

This also shows just how loyal a fan-base can be, as Red State has not gotten the best reviews. But then again, none of Smith’s films have received an abundance of praise, and it doesn’t seem to be a flop.

So, the choice is up to you. Will you see Red State?


As you might have heard Kevin Smith is distributing his latest film, Red State, himself and to do so he needs 2.5 million dollars. To earn the needed dough Smith is touring the country, film in tow, before the official release date of October 19th. The tour includes a screening of the film and a Q&A with the Smith. If you’ve ever seen Smith live before you’ll be familiar with the Q&A section(hint, it’s hilarious, vulgar and extremely long-winded).

How is the Westboro Baptist Church, most recently in the news for winning the Supreme Court case protecting their protests of fallen soldiers funerals under the right of free speech, involved in all this? Well, you might not be aware of the plot for Red State,

Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda. (via IMDB)

Those fundamentalist are every so slightly, no, more like blatantly modeled after the Westboro Baptist Church. Being the super cool dude Kevin Smith is he invited Westboro’s most famous family, the Phelps, to a screening of Red State. The whole event was billed like this,

For one night only! SEE the fun-filled-freak-show of a real-life Phelps Family protest as you enter! SEE Red State WITH actual members of those religious rock stars, The Family Phelps!

Hear Megan Phelps’ review of the movie afterwards! And lay eyes on not just one, but TWO hottie haters – as cousin, Jael joins in! The Phelps Family Bible Bunnies will be in full effect, trying to convert, and I’ll be in full effect, trying to pervert. Let the fire-and-brimstonerific laugh riot begin! Remember: if they’re on my stage, that’s one less bereaved family they’re harassing for a few hours.

But even better? This is gonna be like watching STAR WARS with Darth Vader right there in the audience! Expect epic crowd interaction of SOLELY the hand-clapping/cheering variety!

I really have no idea why the Phelps family thought this would be a good idea but I guess they didn’t want to back away from a challenge. But, they may have also never seen a Kevin Smith film before because while I haven’t seen Red State yet I can safely assume it includes Smith’s penchant for vulgarity in it’s witty exchanges. Something the Phelps might not find easy to stomach.

Turns out they didn’t like it (surprise!) and left the screening after the first 20 minutes. Meaning we were denied what I’m sure would have been a glowing review from Megan Phelps (snicker). During the Q&A section it was revealed that not all members of Phelp’s family had left, still in attendance were Josh and Libby Phelps, two members who have left the Westboro Baptist Church. They were invited on stage, received a standing ovation and went on to discuss how frighteningly accurate was Red State‘s depiction of the fundamentalist organization. Spooky.

Red State is promoted as a horror movie I just don’t think anyone is prepared for how scary it might be. To see if the Red State tour is coming to a city near you, or to request a screening in your town visit To be updated on the tour’s progress keep checking in at And finally, if you’re not already following Kevin Smith on Twitter do so, @ThatKevinSmith, to see what new battles he and Megan Phelps will get into after this tussle. Their twitter relationship is fiery and as Smith states,

Over the last year, Megan and I have been carrying on a rather one-sided, torrid little Tw’affair. There were Moonlighting-like levels of sexual tension and lots of speculation about “Will They/Won’t They?”

Who doesn’t want to follow that!?

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It’s a bummer of a day for fans of comedy as it is for certain that Kevin Smith will officially be retiring once he finishes his upcoming film Hit Somebody. Most folks who have been following Smith are well aware of this. We actually reported this back in November, but it wasn’t official then. For those who doubted the fat man, he recently spoke at a screening of Red State during the Sundance Film Festival, and announced his retirement.

Leave it to Smith to go out with a bang (literally and figuratively!)  Hit Somebody is a story about a hockey player who doesn’t just has a love of the game but a love for fighting as well.  The cast is rounding and consist of Kyle Gallner who just worked with Smith on Red State and Nicholas Braun a rising star who has done a few small projects and will hit the big screen is the newest Disney, High School Musical type movie, Prom.

It is fitting that Smith would go out this way , in a fucking heaping pile of controversy that would make for a great Kevin Smith film itself.    His recent film Red State has created quite a bit  fuss due to the events of the film focus on an outrageous evangelical pastor and the people in the town who blindly follow his irrational ways.  The film’s plot even has the disgusting pile of crap known as the Westboro Baptist Church speaking out against the film. Also, Smith will be distributing the film himself by going on tour and also only plan to promote through nonconventional ways. It’s unknown what Smith will ultimately do, but it’s speculated that will “instead focus on helping other people make movies. Whether this means that he will be serving as a producer or continuing to write is unknown.”

Oh Kevin Smith, I will miss your crude humor and endearing work like Mallrats, Jersey Girl and Zack and Miri.  What about Clerks you may ask?? (yes, I know I like the most random Kevin Smith films!)

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This is just one of those moments that proves just how big Kevin Smith’s brass balls really are (compared to his dick). ‘Red State’, Kevin Smith’s first foray into horror, tells a controversial tale of a preacher who gives a whole new meaning to the term “extreme fundamentalism”. It has gained an
surplus of online attention not only for it’s touchy subject matter, but for the directors refusal to do press, and his battles with bloggers.
Smith brought it to Sundance Film Festival 2011 as a non-competition film with promise of a post-premiere auction for the distribution rights. Now Smith has pulled one of what can only be called the single greatest move since Sundance’s inception. He bought his own movie for $20 and plans to distribute it himself.

$20 for his own movie, what?

He apparently decided against ’studio’ distribution and has now planned to take the movie on the road. That’s not the kicker however as Kevin’s finishing stroke was to pay himself $20 to distribute the movie on DVD under his own “Smodcast Pictures” banner.

“What we need to prove is that anyone can release a movie,” Smith said from the Eccles stage after the movie ended during which he also praised Harvey Weinstein. “Indie film isn’t dead, it just grew up.” Planning for a October 19th release, the now straight to DVD film will not be released in March as originally planned but taken on the road in hopes that this tour will make a percentage of the budget. The 19th also coincides with the 17th anniversary of Kevin’s first film Clerks.

Author Neil Gaiman posted a comment on his Twitter feed saying: “Best thing he’s ever done. Left me shaken & grateful & wanting to make art.” The man known for making his bread and butter off of dick and fart jokes made Gaiman want to make art, that takes not only talent but what people say Smith lacks, skill. Sure, some of his movies were forgettable (that didn’t stop this writer from buying every one), but he’s doing what he always wanted to do and that’s make movies. Getting a career, a hot wife, a daughter and making his own label, he’s making himself happy doing what he wanted to do. He’s right, the Indie film did grow up and it not only turned 40 but it made “snoogans” a household term for a generation that grew up and keep watching his movies.

Where can you see ‘Red State’? Check out the full “Red State USA Tour,” below: