Well, the internet seems to think there is… This morning a picture started making the rounds on Reddit (and we all know that they can’t post something there if it’s not true…) reportedly from an alleged Warner Bros. Animation office of some kind showing what appears to be posters of possible animated productions that the studio may or may not be producing. One of these supposed posters features what could possible be an indication of what could be an all new Justice League cartoon… Begin wild speculation now! (more…)


Lots of celebrities are also fans. They have their dream role, and they do sometimes get a chance to use their tremendous platform to make a case for their casting. The latest person to use social media to try and strong arm casting agents is Ronda Rousey, the MMA superstar who recently said in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that she’d like a crack at a particular Marvel superhero. “I’d like to vie for Miss Marvel,” she wrote. She meant Captain Marvel, who was promoted from Ms. Marvel a couple of years ago, and given Rousey’s stature, presence and long blonde hair, she would definitely be perfect for the part. And it seems that some artistically minded fans agree.  (more…)


Before he was the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the weekly adventures of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Phil Coulson was the guy that kept popping up around the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the everyman that made contact with all of the Avengers before they became Avengers. Everybody liked Coulson, which is why it was such a gut punch when Loki killed him in the first Avengers movie. Of course, the popularity of the character, and the actor who portrays him, Clark Gregg, led to his resurrection on TV, and a transfer to the comic books and the regular Marvel Four-Color Universe. But the question on a lot of people’s mind is whether or not Coulson might be back to lend the Avengers a hand in the upcoming sequel Agent of Ultron? And according to rumor control, he might be. (more…)


Fox’s Gotham has been one of the most talked about new shows on the year, but not always in glowing or flattering terms. The series seems rather terminally obsessed with Batman’s rouges gallery, which can often come across as rather cartoonish as opposed to what, I think, a lot of us wanted Gotham to be, which was The Wire version of pre-Dark Knight Gotham City. In spite of that, one of the bright spots of the show has been Robin Lord Taylor‘s portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot, AKA: The Penguin, and Taylor’s performance has been so compelling that a popular new theory has been making the internet rounds: What if Gotham’s Penguin, ended up being The Joker? Well the actor himself has now responded to the concept. (more…)


I admit it, Dana Scully of ‘The X-Files’ was a direct influence toward my learning to love brainy women. I wasn’t above chasing hot airheads either, but there was something about those long soliloquies of scientific technobabble in every episode. The X-Files actually made a huge impression on me, beyond star Gillian Anderson’s silver-tongued sexy talk. And while her partner David Duchovny moved on to fornicate in California, Anderson paid homage to her science fiction roots through the written word. She’s co-authored a novel with Jeff Rovin called ‘A Vision Of Fire’ and took to a Reddit Ask Me Anything to promote it. Then she talked just about everything else. (more…)


No one doubts the tremendous influence of Frank Miller on the comic world, not to mention the world of comic book films, so when Miller talks about putting pen to page for a major comic book character, people tend to listen. During a recent “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit, amongst the numerous things asked of Miller, was a question about what major comic book character that the writer and artist would like to author. Considering Miller’s seminal runs on Daredevil and Batman, it’s an intriguing proposition, so who does Miller want to write for? (more…)


Tragic news from Mega City One today as it seems that despite the faintest hope of fans there will be no Dredd 3-D sequel coming soon to a theater near you.

The news comes from Adi Shankar, producer of Dredd (and The Grey and Killing Them Softly) who did a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit Wednesday. Shankar was obviously pelted with fan questions about whether or not there will be a sequel to Dredd, and while he didn’t rule it out complete, the possibility seems unlikely at best. But after being pressed later in the chat, Shankar offered an emphatic, “[n]ot going to happen =(“.

But not all hope is lost. Shankar last summer produced the sort-of Punisher sequel Dirty Laundry, a short film where Thomas Jane reprised the role of Marvel Comics vigilante in the skull shirt. Shankar mentioned that there’s chance now for a similar Judge Dredd project. He didn’t go into details, no word on whether the short will be a sequel or if actor Karl Urban will be a part of it playing Dredd, but Shankar did express interest in using Kickstarter.

What do you think, Bastards? Any Dredd better than no Dredd, or are you crushed with paralyzing disappointment about there being no Dredd 3-D 2?

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We often find solace in our hobbies, a way to escape the troubles of our individual worlds. When Redditor Ib-Cyber lost his sister to cancer after nine long years of struggle, he turned to his favorite game to help ease his pain of loss. He chronicled how playing Skyrim helped him in his time of grief and posted it on Reddit.

Someone on the staff of Bethesda saw the post and contacted Ib-Cyber, asking for his mailing address. On the one year anniversary of his sister’s death a package was delivered to his door. Opening the package he discovered a Skyrim art book signed by the Bethesda Skyrim team. Ib-Cyber later posted:

“I absolutely was floored, and a day I thought would be absolutely agonizing ended with an incredibly heart-warming and unexpected moment of absolute kindness.”

Ib-Cyber’s post must have touched the Bethesda team’s heart strings. For the Bethesda team it must have felt very rewarding to have their hard work not only be appreciated, but help a fellow gamer through hard times.

What games or nerdy hobbies of yours have helped you through some hard times?

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Earlier this year Community had an episode near and dear to this gamer’s heart. It was called “Digital Estate Planning” and involved Pierce trying to win his father’s inheritance through an insane 8-bit video game called Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne. The game was cliched and awesome (maybe a little bit racist – okay, it was over the top racist!), and I think everyone who saw the episode wished it was real game.

Thank you internet, and specifically Reddit, for making dreams come true. Redditor Derferman has created a playable version of the game you can download and try out right now! It’s only a few levels of hopping around on hippies but more will be coming soon. Derferman is also including alternate skins of characters like Batman Abed, Constable Reggie from Inspector Spacetime, Captain Kirk Pierce (seen above), The Pillowman, and Hulk Jeff Winger which should make fans really, really happy. You can help contribute ideas over at the Hawtkhorne Reddit group, where someone’s already suggested an 8-bit ABBA soundtrack, right from the Dean’s playlist. Oh! I’m gonna suggest they include the Dean’s voice memos, too. For authenticity.

If you download it let us know what you think!

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