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Shortly after the premiere of “The Day of the Doctor,” there were some rumors of even bigger revelations to come for Doctor Who aside from the discovery that Gallifrey survived the Time War and is still out there in space somewhere. Now we all know that Peter Capaldi is taking over for Matt Smith as The Doctor come the end of this year’s Christmas special, but word started leaking out that the twist in “The Time of the Doctor” has The Doctor confronting his mortality as the 13th and final regeneration of the Time Lord. But how can that be when Smith is Eleven, and is the rumor true? Well, according to showrunner Steven Moffat, it is. (more…)


That was some Doctor Who anniversary special, huh? It’s hard to think that they could have done much better, but it could have been way worse. If you didn’t get the chance yet, read our recap/review courtesy of the Bastards’ resident Whospert Sarah Moran, and I think you’ll agree that despite whatever quibbles you have, “The Day of the Doctor” was very enjoyable indeed. But it did open up a can of proverbial continuity worms. For instance, how is the numbering of the various incarnations of The Doctor affected by the revelation of John Hurt‘s War Doctor? And what impact will there be going forward? Spoilers ahead, obviously. (more…)

The rule is that the Doctor lies… and Matt Smith has definitely been rather ambiguous with what he’s been saying about his escapades through time and space in the future.  Just as the Doctor would have it.

When will Matt Smith hang up his fez?  Well…  Most likely not in the next year, at least.  Rumors were flying at one point about him having signed on up until 2014.  And there were other rumors about him leaving before a particular age.  He’s debunked those rumors by saying that he hasn’t signed anything new; apparently showrunner Steven Moffat keeps stringing him along by keeping him intrigued about what’ll happen next in the much loved Doctor Who series.  When asked if there will be a regeneration during the 50th anniversary year, Smith pleads the 5th.

From Radio Times:

“We want to make [the anniversary] as big and bold and as brilliant as we can because, we hope, it can be one of the monumental bits of TV history,” Smith told us. “But I doubt there’ll be a regeneration … ”

Smith had previously scotched rumors that he’d signed up to play the Time Lord beyond his 50th year, telling press at the launch of series seven opener ”Asylum of the Daleks”: “I don’t know where this talk of the 2014 contract came from … I haven’t signed anything new.”

We’re in for quite the surprises as well, according to our favorite dirty hipster:

Steven will tease you right to the end, because that’s what he does to me.

What a fuckin’ cocktease, huh?

I highly doubt we’ll see a regeneration this year; Matt Smith’s getting far too much love to cut his tenure short. But next year’s a whole different ball game!

Source: Radio Times

Compilations, montages, supercuts. Whatever you want to call them, lately, they’re everywhere. I like calling ’em supercuts. It’s fun to say. Supercuts. Suuuppeeerrcuts. See?

Anyway, supercuts are videos comprised of only one thing from either movies, television, video games or cartoons repeated over and over and over again. There are Star Wars supercuts, My Little Pony supercuts, Game of Thrones supercuts, Quentin Tarantino supercuts, and even a supercut focusing on the “Spielberg Face.” Basically, if some savvy video editor starts to notice recurring cliches, lines, or even camera shots they’re going to edit ’em all together into one massive supercut.

Here we’ve got a superb collection of 25 supercuts spanning all kinds of things. Check ’em out and let us know which is your favorite! I know we haven’t included every excellent supercut so if you’ve got a favorite we missed share it in the comments below and help us make this an ultimate collection.

Every Single Fucking Dude from The Big Lebowski [TannerStraus]

He’s just, “the Dude,” y’know? What an enviable title, who wouldn’t want to be known by one and all as, “the Dude”? This style of supercut is pretty common, an edit of one word or phrase repeated again and again, but there’s something about hearing “Dude” continually repeated I find calming. It’s good for my zen.

Hit the jump for more superb supercuts! (more…)

At the National Television Awards this week in Britain both Doctor Who stars, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan walked away with the top acting awards in Drama Performance. Who-ray! (Yeah, I said it.) Afterwards when speaking backstage Smith made some comments that, as usual, sent Whovians into a tizzy. Basically any Who-talk can send a Whovian into a fit, but particularly when you’re discussing the departure of a Doctor.

When Gillan’s exit from the show was mentioned Smith said,

I always knew that me and Karen would have slightly different journeys in the show. People say, ‘Are you not sad?’ I am sad because I have enjoyed worked with Karen and Arthur [Darvill], they are wonderful guys. But the show is bigger than all of us actors in it.

But what about is own tenure as the Doctor?

It’s bigger than everyone in it and it will continue far longer, way after me. I am here for a very small period of time.

I’m here for the future, I love working on the show. I have no plans to leave.

He then went on discussing his plans after Who,

I’ve got a year of Who and then I’ll take it from there really. I am interested in films, I’ve always loved the idea and process of films and I am actually interested in directing.

It was his mention of being there, “for a very small period of time,” and only saying he’s, “got a year of Who,” that caused the fan freakout. And his comments about seeking out films and possibly directing that led many to believe Smith is making some serious plans for his career post-Who.

Well, duh! Of course he’s making plans for his post-Who career. He’d be a dumbass if he didn’t. What I think is interesting to ponder is what will happen after 2013? If Smith is committed to another season in 2012 and then most likely whatever the celebration will be come the 50th anniversary, wouldn’t it be one hell of a finale to have the Doctor regenerate as we enter Doctor Who‘s next 50 years?

It’s just a thought, so please don’t start spreading rumours Smith is leaving after the anniversary. I don’t need Steven Moffat mad at me. But, what d’ya think?

Source: Digital Spy

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