We are still about five months away from San Diego Comic-Con but it’ll be here sooner than you think!  This weekend, the convention will be holding open registration for those who were not lucky enough to snag one of these coveted memberships to the annual Geek Mecca during preregistration, and if it is anything like years past, it will likely be the most stressful day of the year for thousands of geeks across the globe.  So, we have decided to try to make things a bit easier on you this year by giving you this handy-dandy guide to making your Registration Day a good one, whether you score those badges or not! (more…)

We already know that the San Diego Comic Con is basically the Mecca of nerdom. But this year the organizers are going make it that much harder to make the pilgrimage.

This year, nerd bastards like yourselves will have to pre-register to even get the chance to register for the event. Yeah, you read that right: you gotta register in order to register. It’s hard enough to register just the once in past years because tickets sell out so fuckin’ fast (thanks to all you Captain Sweatpantses out there who don’t do anything but nerd). It’s gotta be some sort of massive test of faith or something. Or maybe they’re just looking to get a more varied population because being tossed around in nerd juice for a few days is never fun. Either way, it’s a weeding out process.

All of you out there who are interested in attending the SDCC this year from July 12-15, hit the jump and read the rest of this post very carefully.