It’s now official, The X-Files is coming back to TVs everywhere this coming January. The topic of what shape an X-Files reboot might take came up during an edition of The /Filmcast earlier this year when David Chen noted a tweet from Escapist contributor Bob Chipman who said:

“Sketchy?” Mulder? On the surface you may think that Chipman was referring to Mulder’s occasionally discussed affinity for pornography, but no, he was referencing the ways the world’s changed since The X-Files 1990s heyday, and where we currently sit in the middle of the second decade of the 21st century. To be direct, what Chipman is referring to is the rise of “trutherism.” (more…)

Wonder Woman, Who’s Your Daddy?

As if the Amazon Princess hasn’t gone through enough changes lately, the DC Source Blog revealed today she’s getting a new origin story. Which isn’t neccesarily a bad thing because as comic book fans know the origin of Wonder Woman is weird as fuck. She wasn’t born, she was sculpted out of clay by her mother, Hippolyta and the goddess Athena blessed her to be as, “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules.” Boom, Diana, Amazon Princess, Feminist Icon, Wonder Woman was created.

Ever since then the origin has been muddled and altered by writers to fit whatever version of Wonder Woman they wanted. At one time, I think they hinted at her father being Hades, which was even weirder. Now, in Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s new Wonder Woman she’s getting a daddy. Officially. No more clay and desperate pleas for a daughter from Hippolyta.

This new origin story won’t be revealed until the third issue, out November 16th, but Azzarello spilled the beans in an interview with the New York Post. Spoiler warning, if you don’t wanna who’s her daddy, stop reading. Duh.

She’s going to learn she’s not who she was told she was. Everybody’s got a father. Even if he’s not the nicest guy in the world.

Who? Oh, only the king of the gods, Zeus. Yup, Diana’s just another demi-god bastard of the great Zeus. Hey, wait! That’s kind of a craptacular origin for the most empowering woman in comics. Hmm, I’m not too sure how I feel about this, Azzarello.

Jim Lee, DC co-publisher, of course thinks it’s a wonderful idea, just like that new costume he designed for her last year which caused the internet to explode over a pair of pants,

In this case, making her a god actually makes her more human, more relatable. We’re approaching all the classic characters in a way that feels true to their origins but thoroughly modern.

And didn’t Zeus normally rape most of the woman he begot little godly children on? More and more I’m thinking I’m not going to like this one bit.

But I’m totally willing to give it a shot. I don’t know if you read Wonder Woman #1, but it was easily one of the best books of the relaunch. Diana was strong, sexy, and could kick ass like it was her one and only purpose. And they didn’t spend pages upon pages explaining to us who she was, we got right to the action. It was a great way to hook new readers, and I have to admit this new origin will probably win over more new readers. It’s easy to comprehend, simplistically explains why she so powerful and it’ll had all sorts of juicy, Olympic family drama. And even with all that, somehow bringing a man into the origin of comic’s most famous feminist icon leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

What do you think of Diana’s new parentage? Simpler? More comprehensible? Better all around and I should stop my silly feminist ranting?

Source: The Mary Sue

DC Comics is relaunching their whole line in September with 52 new #1 issues, blah, blah, blah, we’ve heard this spiel. Want to check out something truly cool and innovative, how about the project, DC Fifty-Too! Spear-headed by cartoonist, John Morris, DC Fifty-Too! is a collarborative effort among 52 artists to interpret a new DC Universe in their own way. The challenge being,

If DC approached you and offered you any DC property – past or present – of your choice to be your own new ongoing part of the DC Universe, what would the cover to the first issue look like?

Beginning on August 15th and running through the 31st,  DC Fifity-Too! will share,

…four new covers for DC Comics that never were but probably ought to have been, brought to you by artists like Indigo Kelleigh, Joel Priddy, Zack Soto, Matthew Allison, Robert Wilson IV, Mike Norton, Amy Mebberson and many many many more!

Awesome, right? Not nearly as awesome as the results! Check out our favorite covers so far below the cut and keep checking back at DC Fifty-Too!’s blog for more incredible art and designs DC doesn’t have the balls to publish.


Just in case you were skeptical about picking up all or any of DC‘s new #1’s in September, if you wait until December you can buy them all in trade. The collection of 52 issues will break down to about $2.88 per issue which sounds like a fantastic deal. That is, until you realize the book has 1,216 pages! This book could be a certified weapon requiring confiscation, if your strong enough to lift it. Somehow I’d see myself having issue wielding a 1,200+ paged book with any effectiveness. But dropped from a short height, it could cause serious injury.

For a little perspective, Paul Levitz’s 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking was only 800 pages and look how freakin’ massive it was!

DC’s The New 52 will retail for $150 and again, will contain every new #1 of their fall relaunch. You can check out every new #1 here, in our Nerdy Bastards Guide of the New DC Universe. What do you think, will this giant tome have a space on your shelf? Or rather on your coffee table? Or, hell, as your coffee table because I think it could handle the task.

source: ComicsAlliance

Pull on your cape and cowl it’s time for another super hero news round-up! In this edition we’ll share interesting super-bits like the bat-copter maybe appearing in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy dishing about working on such a hush-hush set, ten minutes of Arkham City gameplay, and DC finally answering your burning questions about their relaunch.

But first, check out this new poster for Captain America: The First Avenger. This is the international poster and as you can see it features more of the cast unlike the Steve Rogers, patriotic-splosion that is U.S. poster (seen above). Click the image to embiggen and appreciate it’s glory. (ComicsAlliance)

Click the jump for The Dark Night Rises, gameplay of Arkham City and DC’s detailed relaunch FAQs!


Unless you live in a whole, under a rock, which is under an even bigger rock you’ve heard about the unprecedented move DC Comics is making come September to relaunch their entire line. And if you have somehow avoided this news one, bully for you, that’s some damn impressive isolationism and two, you are who DC wants to snag with this new promotional push. (Particularly if you’re a male between the ages of 18-34, because, apparently, they’re the demographic that really matters. Not that I’m bitter about be cast aside by the comics industry, again, or whatever. Grr.)

Anyway, my repressed anger aside, Bleeding Cool released today the official presentation video from DC Comics announcing the relaunch. Well, not so much announcing as validating. The video features snippets of Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Bob Harras and Eddie Berganza explaining how excited they are for the relaunch and why it’s needed to re-energize their line of comic books. There are also flashes of the cover artwork featuring many of the redesign characters, but really, you can check out every cover for the new 52 relaunch in our Nerdy Bastards Guide to the New DC Universe.

Are you excited? Are you a a complete comic n00b whose been ensnared by these 52 new #1’s and plan to enter the comic book nerd fold? Are you a long time fan whose really frustrated by these changes? Sound off in the comments. Also, if you’re still a little unsure of what this whole relaunch really means, Newsarama has a great list, Busted! Fact-checking Ten MYTHS About the DCnU you should really check out.