It seems that revolutionizing home video, video on demand, and television isn’t enough for Netflix, now the media giant has its sights set on feature film distribution as well with its plan for the martial arts drama sequel Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny. Netflix has already dabbled in film distribution buying documentaries like Mitt and A Short Game and exclusively releasing them on their service, but releasing Crouching Tiger II is a whole new game, and given the way that Netflix has torn down walls in the business models they’ve conquered so far, I’d say that Hollywood studios would have legitimate reasons to be concerned after next summer. (more…)


2014 has been kind of a dud for cinema as a whole, but one movie I definitely would place in my Top 10 (were the year ending tomorrow) is Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Brimming with great performances and kick-ass action set pieces, The Winter Solider delivered everything I wanted in a comic book film. Now details on the blu-ray have been finally released and it looks like this disc (just like most other Marvel home video releases) is jam-packed with awesome sounding bonus features. (more…)


As the year ends, the time has come for a Trailer-pocalypse, meaning that were in a time of tremendous trailer releases in order to get us excited about big-budget studio offerings next summer. Next up is Gareth Edwards‘ attempt to Americanize Godzilla, and producing partners Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are saying that we’ll all get our first look at the trailer soon. As in tomorrow! Like around 1 pm on the east coast, 10 am on the west. Can’t wait that long for something Godzilla-ish? That’s fine, the Powers that Be have thought of that too. (more…)


It may not have been everyone’s favorite this past summer, but soon Star Trek  Into Darkness will available to own on Blu-ray and DVD. Now no one expects you to change your mind about the film when you see it on your TV or computer screen, but maybe the special features will shed some light on the production process and give the fans some new and/or greater insight into the filmmakers’ intentions with the film.

Not so fast.

Apparently, Into Darkness will come with a paltry 40 minutes of additional material made up entirely of the following seven featurettes: Creating the Red Planet, Attack on Starfleet, The Klingon Home World, The Enemy of My Enemy, Ship to Ship, Brawl by the Bay and Continuing the Mission. That’s it. No deleted scenes, no filmmakers commentary, no games, or Easter eggs, or any other extras that might sweeten the bitter taste of the actual movie.

Interestingly though, those seven featurettes won’t be the only bonus materials available, they just won’t be available when you buy the physical disc. Want the director’s commentary? You’ll have to download it on iTunes. As well, there will be other exclusives on versions of the movie sold as VUDU or CinemaNow downloads, or on the physical discs sold at retail outlets like Best Buy and Target.

Feeling screwed yet? Certainly the normally soft-spoken, slow to anger sci-fi fans will be okay with it… (Seriously, I’m totally being sarcastic right now, and I’m practically daring you not to comment below. A shiny new donkey goes to the first nerd to blame Damon Lindelof for this.)

Star Trek Into Darkness will be available to buy on September 10.

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Black Panther. Doctor Strange. Heroes for Hire. All three seemed the more likely to be adapted by for the big screen before Guardians of the Galaxy. But Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige has his reasons. While promoting the Japanese release of The Avengers, which just finally came out in the Land of the Rising Sun, Feige talked to the Japanese blog Nifty (cue Google Translation), about why Guardians made the top of his to do pile. (more…)

If you thought it was a long wait for The Avengers when it came out last May, try being a Japanese fan. The blockbuster is slated to finally come out in the land of the rising sun this month, But it’s not the wait that’s irking some of our Japanese friends, it’s the rather bluntness the promotions team is using to promote the film. The above poster features the tagline:  日本よ、これが映画だ, which translates as “Hey Japan, this is a movie.”

Some in Japan are taking this to mean that American film producers and studios are telling them that this is what a movie looks like. All those silly Japanese pictures are nothing like real movies made by Americans. In America. The Seven Samurai, Spirited Away, Ringu, Godzilla, Akira, Battle Royale… What do Japanese filmmakers know about making movies?

Complaints about the tagline started with journalist Takashi Odajima who noted its cultural imperialism and a deep sense of superiority. From my point of view sometimes people read too much into these things, but I can appreciate the view of Japanese people on this. Personally, I think given the fact of The Avengers overwhelming box office accumulation, wherein it became the third highest-grossing movie of all time, it was just some marketing guy’s idea of a macho boast.It really should read like, “Hey Japan!” Followed by saying, “This is a movie,” in your best monster truck voice.

But some Japanese posters on the textboard 2ch have even pointed out that the tagline was “likely thought up by a Japanese person.” But others have attempted to battle humor with humor though. In response, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima tweeted a humorous ad made by the team behind Japanese film The Kirishima Thing saying, “Hey Hollywood, this is a Japanese movie.”

Hopefully, the potentially imperial tone of the poster won’t ruin the good time of the Japanese fans checking out The Avengers. Maybe next time they can go with something like “Come for the action, stay for the shwarma.”

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Emma Stone Says Gwen Stacy Must Die

Spoiler alert, in case you’re completely unawares about some 40 years worth of Spider-Man continuity, Gwen Stacy dies. And it seems that her portrayer in the new Amazing Spider-Man, actress Emma Stone, is well aware of that fact, and additionally, is looking forward to it.

In an interview with IGN, Stone talked about Gwen’s place in Spidey lore and how she’s looking forward to playing out her characters sad though epically tragic death on street in a (near) future Spider-Man movie.

“I think that’s a hugely important part of her story and of this incarnation of Spider-Man. I think that was very important to everybody. I think there’s a certain expectation and then there’s a certain awareness of mortality that Gwen has already, so I think that it was important to…just because her father was in the face of death everyday and so is Peter, so I think death always surrounds her. I think it’s a really important element to her character. I mean, she, as fans know, is kind of most famous for how she departs. So that’s a weird thing to play, knowing about such an iconic part of her existence.”

Certainly, the filmmakers’ choice to go with Gwen Stacy as the love interest is very interesting given the fact that audiences are more familiar with Mary Jane Watson as Spidey’s usual paramour. I’m guess that Gwen’s fate is in the works and if Amazing is a success, the moment may be upon us with break-neck speed.

Too soon?

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I know right now everyone’s got tunnel vision for The Avengers and the other hits of summer like Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, but there is life at the movies after Labor Day, and one example is Quentin Tarantino‘s latest film, Django Unchained.

In the latest about the film from Entertainment Weekly, the magazine shared a couple of promo stills from the film, and a couple of words from Django star Jamie Foxx:

There’s a beautiful way [Tarantino] found for the characters to talk to each other. It’s mindblowing. You’ve never heard it this way. You’ve seen movies deal with slavery — or westerns that never dealt with slavery – do it the safe way. This way is like … wow.


If you never caught the 1984 comedy classic in theatres either when it was originally released (What was wrong with you!?) or at a more recent, special screening (What is wrong with you!?) you’re in luck. Ghostbusters is to be re-released theatrically this October. Unfortunately we have few details about the when’s and where’s.

Here’s the announcement from the film’s official Facebook page,

Alright, Ghostbusters fans. It’s time to get your cats and dogs together and prepare for mass hysteria: This October, for the first time in over 25 years, the original and unforgettable Ghostbusters makes its triumphant return to theaters!

Whoo! Yeah! But I want more info.

I’m betting this is happening in order to drum up support for the planned Ghostbusters 3, which is in a constantly shifting state of “will it” or “won’t it” happen.

But for right now who cares about another sequel, I can’t wait for the original Ghostbusters to be back in theatres! At least then I know I’m getting my money’s worth. Now we hope for it be a wide release and not one of these limited to only New York and Los Angeles, bullshit releases.

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