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New Documentary Gets Closer Than Ever to Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman 3

Having written consistently brilliant pieces in almost genre of entertainment – from comic books to novels to television – Neil Gaiman is a writer with almost unparalleled flexibility and dedication. His creative output sees multiple pieces flooding onto shelves every year, with stories, novels, comics, films and even games included in his multi-genre, multi-platform bibliography. His efforts have resulted in a global community of Gaiman fans, who flock to see him read, create awesome cosplays of his most distinctive characters and give him hand cramp from signing so many books and posters. And that’s not even starting on the numerous awards to his name. (more…)

Watching Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts is a bit like plugging some kind of ethereal feed into your brain stem that’s constantly spewing an angry coil of energy and creative bravado. Warren Ellis is a legendary comics writer, a futurist icon, a cyberpunk philosopher, Internet Jesus. These could easily be empty terms, buzz words, excuses. If you believe that now, you won’t after seeing this film. It hits you like a whiskey-soaked punch and keeps pushing you forward, face first, until you understand that comics as we know them now would not exist without this man. Warren Ellis is a man who sees the future, and Captured Ghosts is a film that peels back his endless layers of mystique and cigarette smoke-clouded persona until you understand why.


If you made it to the San Diego ComicCon this year, you might have had a chance to see a few peeks of Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, the forthcoming documentary directed by Patrick Meaney and co-produced by Respect Films and Sequart on the life and work of the legendary creator of Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Doktor Sleepless, Freakangels and Fell. While some of us here at NerdBastards (namely our Fearless Leader Luke, the bastard) made it to the con, we weren’t able to make that particular panel. Luckily, the director himself was kind enough to send me his SDCC clip reel.