Even now, fourty four years after its release in 1971, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that wasn’t charmed and enchanted by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Based on the classic children’s book by Roald Dahl, Wonka transported us to a “world of pure imagination” that viewers got to explore vicariously through Charlie Bucket and his fellow Golden Ticket winners.  In celebration of maintaining “family film staple” status for 44 years, the Today  show sat down with some of the original cast members for a sugary-sweet reunion. (more…)


So I owe someone in middle school an apology, it turns out Bayside High is a real place, and Jimmy Fallon was a student there. For no other reason other than because he can, Fallon hosted an ad hoc class reunion of the gang from Saved by the Bell on NBC‘s The Tonight Show. I believe this has been a proverbial bee in Fallon’s bonnet for a while, dating back to his days hosting Late Night. So now, either because the stars alligned or because nobody could think of a good enough excuse to get out it, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley all joined Jimmy for a little reminiscing about the good old days at Bayside. (more…)


Fans of 90s and 80s retro have much to celebrate today: Jerry Seinfeld has informed Variety that a long-rumored Seinfeld “reunion” (in a sense, at least) is indeed coming soon. Meanwhile, hot on the heels of their team ups on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and a Superbowl ad for Dannon Oikos yogurt, the boys from Full House seem to be primed for some manner of reunion themselves.  (more…)


Last week it was announced that there would be a 20th anniversary reunion of The X-Files at San Diego Comic Con, but the guest list at the time was made up of just the show’s creator and a variety of its high-profile writer/producers. But it seems that the initial assessment was too hasty, and indeed two key figures from the show will be part of the reunion on July 18. After all, you can’t have an X-Files reunion without Mulder and Scully!

Yes indeed, both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been confirmed for the July 18 reunion at San Diego Comic Con. Duchovny and Anderson’s involvement was made public via the SDCCBlog, and in further X-Files news it was announced through the Official Gillian Anderson website that Anderson would also take part in the X-Files season 10 comic panel:

Gillian plans to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con on July 18 – 20 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). This Comic-Con goes on for 4 days but Gillian will NOT be there on Sunday, July 21.

She will attend the XF 20th Anniversary Panel on Thursday (July 18, 3:30pm Ballroom 20) and a XF Comic Book Panel (July 19 from 1:45-2:45pm). She will also be signing at the Lightspeed Fine Art Booth.

So it sounds like there will be plenty of X-Files goodness at Comic Con this year. The truth is out there, but be sure to camp out your spot in line early.

Nerd Bastards will have all your SDCC coverage in the next couple of weeks.

Source: Huffington Post


Yesterday the Firefly reunion panel happened – Nerd Bastards was at the following press conference, were you? – and it’s being hailed as one of those truly magical Comic-Con moments. It was a heartwarming, tearful, hilarious celebration of one our favorite science fiction shows, and those who were in attendance will have a great convention story to share.

Now we will too, sorta, if you fudge the details and leave out the part where you didn’t see it live but rather later on YouTube. Yup, thanks to TFAW the whole panel has been uploaded.

What are you waiting for, WATCH IT NOW!

While the packed panel for the Science Channel’s 10th Anniversary Firefly panel seems like it was high on tears and reminiscence from both fans and the cast, the press conference that followed seemed a bit more cold and focused on the big question: is there any way we will ever get more Firefly?

Our Steven Sautter was there and has the following report. If you want to know what went on at the Firefly panel, go to HitFix and read Alan Sepinwall’s live-blog. We would have been at the panel ourselves, but lines are long and Comic-Con is big.

On the value of the “Warrior Woman” trope in geek culture and what Firefly says to women: 

Joss Whedon: Everything I do is going to contain the message that men who are going to be comfortable with powerful women are going to be more powerful men. They’re all going to have different energies, but the difference is the way you paint life. We covered enough bases.

On if the cast looks back at the show and see’s more now than hey did before:

Alan Tudyk: I just rewatched them again. And uh, no.

Nathan Fillion: It’s hard to pick up on it when you’re fast-forwarding everyone else’s lines.

Alan Tudyk: I watched “War Stories”. Listening to the commentaries, I had more knowledge back then. My memories are like blurry photographs. I love the show almost more now because it’s pure.

On the possibility of a Firefly video game:

Joss Whedon: It lends itself to an MMO, but I also still think the series should still be on the air.

On the notion of a reboot:

Joss Whedon: Yes, we need a younger cast. Captain Andrew Garfiled.

Sean Maher:Zac Efron as the Doctor

Joss Whedon: We’d have to shoot it with my phone. But these phones are getting good.

On a possible Serenity sequel in the style of Blake’s 7:

Joss Whedon: I don’t believe in evil twins and clones in that universe. You have to move forward. And by that I mean an intricate flashback sequel. The opened scene would be a conversation between Wash and Book

On possible future plans comic book continuations?

Alan Tudyk: I had a story, but..oh no. Some of my story got told. Patton Oswald wrote it. Mine got told, what are you guys doing?

Adam Baldwin: My guy didn’t fair so well.

Nathan Fillion: It’s hard for me to say I want more. I got a lot out of the show. I got a group of friends, I got a movie…

On a future animated return to the verse:

Nathan Fillion: I think that’s pretty cool. It’d be easy. You don’t even have to shower.

Joss Whedon: You can shower.

Nathan Fillion: There’s a water shortage in LA.

On if the show might fare better today — in the age of social media:

Adam Baldwin: Nope. You need a network that shows the pilot first!

Alan Tudyk: But there are more revenue streams..

Adam Baldwin: Make something for the internet?(Looks at Joss)

On Firefly’s less than Utopian view of the future:

Joss Whedon: I don’t have any faith in the future of mankind. But I have faith in my friends and their ability to band together. I don’t think we’re going to band together and solve problems.

By now you’ve heard the news there will be a Firefly reunion panel at Comic-Con. It’ll be wonderful and magical. Members of the cast and crew will be there. In person. Just being their lovely, hilarious selves. The whole room will be full of Browncoats celebrating the ten year anniversary of the little sci-fi show that could. And you won’t be there.

Yeah, neither will I, but guess what!? The whole panel is being recorded as part of an anniversary special, Browncoats Unite, airing on the Science Channel on Sunday, November 11th! How freakin’ shiny is that!?

Okay, something a little sooner than November would be nice, but at least this means we’ll have the chance to see the panel in all its Joss Whedon-Tim Minear-Jose Molina-Nathan FillionAdam Baldwin-Alan TudykSummer Glau glory, without waiting in hopes for a grainy, cellphone video to be uploaded on YouTube. Though, I’m sure true Browncoats will watch those videos as well. In anticipation.

Debbie Myers, general manager and executive VP of Science, where Firefly lives on in syndication, had this to say about the anniversary special,

Firefly is a landmark work of science fiction and a favorite with our viewers. Ever since it premiered on Science, fans have asked us to do something special to mark its 10-year anniversary. With this signature celebration, punctuated by Browncoats Unite, we will connect the minds behind this classic franchise with its legions of passionate fans.

Oh yeah, did I mention Browncoats Unite will air along with a Firefly marathon? Just in case you don’t already own the series. And why hell don’t you, I might ask? Seriously guys, it’s only one season. One spectacular, amazing series and – oh god, why was it cancelled!!!

Source: Entertainment Weekly via The Mary Sue

This past weekend at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation took to the stage in what was surely a momentous occasion for all Trekkies in attendance. The reunion marked the show’s 25th anniversary and included LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn and Sir Patrick Stewart. I know, you’re already shaking with jealousy over the fact you weren’t present to witness what must have been an evening of true Star Trek awesomeness. Never fear, this is the internet age where anything and everything is recorded for posterity. Below you’ll find a full 66 minutes of the reunion that’s been uploaded to Youtube thanks to cid388.

But first! I’d like to highlight this moment extra special and extremely heartfelt moment. Wil Wheaton gave his own touching tribute to the crew of the Enterprise and I dare you not to get even a little teary-eyed. Note, not recommend for the easily emotional. Especially if you’re at work. Do you want to try and explain why you’re crying like a little girl about Star Trek to your co-workers?

Hit the jump for the all the videos recapping the reunion.


The Princess Bride Reunion? Inconceivable!

No, they are not getting back together to make “Princess Bride 2: Electric Boogalo”, damn it. They, that is most of the cast from the classic movie, got together to record a puff piece on Good Morning America for the talk show’s “Totally Awesome ’80s Week.”

Wait, come back. It’s the “Princess Bride”, damn it. I know its lame network morning programming centred around the banner of  “Totally Awesome ’80s Week” (having typed that twice, I feel the urge to drive a salad fork into my fore arm.) You are going to want to watch this, even if it just to see how old they are! It’s also all warm and fuzzy because as they remember making the movie, you remember watching it. Again and again and again.

24 years later, the cast of Rob Reiner’s modern-day classic get together to talk about a movie that is near to the nerd heart. Obviously Peter Falk (RIP) and André the Giant (RIP) could only attend in spirit. Fred Savage was also not in attendance, I assume he couldn’t get the time off from Arby’s. Hey, those Bacon Cheddar Melts don’t make themselves.

Watch the video after the jump, and then watch the whole movie for the 24th time on your own time (you know you want to.)



The 25th Anniversary collection of the Back to the Future Trilogy recently came out, and most of the film’s stars and production team (Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Bob Gale, Neil Canton, Robert Zemeckis and Huey Lewis) all gathered in New York, to celebrate.

According to io9, a number of interesting little tidbits about the production were learned from the insightful panel. For example, in Back to the Future 2 (the one in the future), Zemeckis and his team made the very first flat screen television.