When the main adversary of the week is an over-sized man shark, you’ve already got the right bait (yeah!) for a great episode of The Flash, but with a two-week coming up, the show need a hook (boo-yeah!) to make fans invested in the final third of season two. So it was a pretty big deal when last night we finally got a look under the mask of Zoom, and saw who he really was. Hint: it was not Tony Todd. Some fans are surely collecting on bets made with friends today because yes, Zoom is someone we know, and it was one of the most likely suspects strongly hinted at in the last couple of weeks. (more…)

…cue the desktop wallpapers.

Holy pictorial posters everybody! Finally, an actual teaser poster to Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. While most fans have been making their own, and some were pretty damn good, this one is confirmed 100% real. I’m not usually one to gush all over a teaser poster, but this is just some awe inspiring shit. It’s like…. “Bat-ception!”

Thanks to the official site, people are greeted by the oh so spectacular Batman logo positioned in a very peculiar way, signaling what could be the tone of the movie. “The inner world of Batman is falling apart” ….yup, that is what I read in it.

Heh, at least they’re finally putting title to good use.

Check out the full sized Bat awesomeness after the jump

One thing the Marvel movies always do right is their winks and nods to other films in the franchise. The films tied into The Avengers have been loaded with cameos and clues leading up to the colossal team up and the X-Men movies have been no different. Well, today we got the news of a huge cameo spoiler for the upcoming X-Men: First Class. Honestly, after reading it in order to write this article, I was a little upset with myself. I can’t say no to spoilers and I normally read a dozen or so before any new film but even this one had me kicking myself. This would be a great one to be surprised with in the theatre.

So take this as a warning, only if you are a serious spoiler buff and don’t give a damn about finding out anything that happens in First Class before June 3rd, read on.