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IT Crowd Returning for One More Episode

IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is returning for one last go and they didn’t even need Kickstarter.

According to Bleeding Cool, the long teased 45 minute one-off episode will feature original stars Chris O’Dowd,┬áRichard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry and filming will begin in a few weeks time.

Apparently, show creator Graham Lineham had some trouble getting his entire cast to a point where their schedules were clear at the same time — not a huge surprise considering how big a star O’Dowd has become. In fact, the Bridesmaids and Girls actor is set to appear in both Family Tree (Christopher Guest’s new HBO comedy series) and Moone Boy, an Irish series that O’Down also co-created. That one already aired across the pond, but it’ll be new to us on Hulu this summer.

If you aren’t familiar with the original IT Crowd, I don’t get why you clicked this link. Also, the show centers on the whacky shenanigans that occur in the technical support department of Reynhold Industries and I am not good at synopsizing things.

The IT Crowd ran for four seasons in the UK and there was also an awful attempt to adapt it for US audiences by the guys who are presently ruining Community. That version starred Joel McHale and Richard Ayoade, who unlike O’Down, chose to reprise his role. Is that why people seem to like O’Dowd more? That isn’t really for me to say.

Anyway, no word on a release date, or if Richmond Avenal will make a return as well, but it’ll be on the UK’s Channel 4, which so we won’t get a chance to officially see it for a long, long time. Luckily, we can pass the time by watching old episodes of the original show on Netflix and Hulu and we can also enjoy countless “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” memes on our Facebook page.

The current Hollywood mainstream marketing blueprint should have “The Watch” producers and marketeers flooding us with teasers, trailers, stills, and press interviews; and their doing it quite well. What makes this different and worthy of a closer look is that the director Akiva Schaffer thought that maybe showing the Internet a Blooper/Gag reel now instead of waiting to include it for the Directors Cut DVD.

This NerdBastard thinks it’s a wonderful idea and expects other movies to add the pre-release blooper real for comedies to the Hollywood Marketing Handbook. You’ve never heard of that handbook? It’s just like the Boy Scouts Handbook, but their motto goes like this:

On my honor, I will do my darnedest
To get butts in the theater;
To do whatever is necessary to add to the bottom line;
To keep myself physically awake, mentally skewed and morally ambiguous.

Richard Ayoade is gonna steal this movie right out from under the comedy middle weights in this movie. What do you think? Would this make you want to see the movie? Let us all know your thoughts in the comments section below.