Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead trudges on in a mostly ho-hum season. ‘Say Yes” was not the worst episode audiences have seen during this boring season. Not by a long shot. However, there were some moments that could definitely have been edited down to something more poignant. While The Walking Dead is weakest when it follows individual characters, this weeks offering was not as bad as it could have been. Rick and Michonne are out on the prowl, looking for guns and love in all the wrong places, namely, a carnival where very bad things happened.



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If you’ve paid any attention to AMC‘s hit show The Walking Dead‘s actors off screen, then you know that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reddus love to prank and mess with each other. They’ve become good friends and their hijinks have been delighting fans since the show first aired. This time around they decided to add some fuel to the Fan Fiction Fire while shooting a cover for the upcoming Walking Dead Entertainment Weekly cover. (more…)


Nerd Bastards writer Regina Lizik usually does the weekly The Walking Dead write-up, but she’s out this week so I’m filling in. This week’s episode is called Remember. What exactly are our merry band of survivors supposed to be remembering? Before we get into that, I’d like to take a moment to remember an important cast member during the last few seasons that came to an untimely end tonight. Yes, another unsung cast member bit the dust, cut down in the prime of their life, and we watched their life slowly drain away. So consider this your one and only SPOILER WARNING. You click-through and it’s all on you. (more…)


After losing one of their own at Rape Hospital in Atlanta and seeing all hope for the end of the zombie apocalypse go up in smoke, the rag tag survivors of The Walking Dead seem to be falling on some of the worst times they’ve had since their prison home was shut down by The Governor. Of course, things are never easy for Rick Grimes and Co., but for a brief shiny moment in the fourth season there was triumph – escaping from Terminus and re-uniting – and there was hope for a better tomorrow. My, how quickly things change in about six or seven episodes. With just a couple of weeks to go till the midseason premiere, the AMC is giving us another sneak peak at what’s to come. (more…)


One of the hottest topics in season five of AMC‘s The Walking Dead was the return of Morgan Jones (Leenie James). There’s all kinds of speculation about what he is doing and why. Morgan has been a fan favorite character since the premiere episode and his return in season three was not a happy one. Along comes season five and bam! There’s Morgan, looking like some apocalyptic bad-ass. Did anyone one else get that The Book of Eli feeling when he showed up on-screen? What’s Morgan up to? (more…)


The Walking Dead television series has had its share of ups and downs but it’s come a long way since the stagnation of season 2. Its originality and scope have only heightened with every passing year and fans of the comic book seem to be just as thrilled and randomly surprised as followers of the television series. The taboo project of “Zombie TV” has grown to become more commonplace, with shows like In The Flesh, the SyFy original Z Nation, and the failed Amazon Zombieland spinoff. All of this is because of the success of The Walking Dead, a long-lasting stalwart of visual horror and, most of all, entertainment. And according to Robert Kirkman, the visionary behind it all, things are about to get even better. (more…)


It’s summer, isn’t it? Means it’s time for the cast of AMC‘s The Walking Dead to suffer through the grueling filming of Season 4 in HOT-lanta. And recently, a few on set snapshots are makinf us all a little concerned for the survivors’ leader, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Now, comic book readers know exactly what happens to Rick, but if you’re also an avid watcher of the TV series you know they’ve done their best to stay away from the continuity of the comics, keeping all fans on their toes about what’s coming next. But having read the comics, you might be thinking what I’m thinking when you look at these set pics.

Due to potential spoilage, you’ll find the photos in question below the cut.



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Above: Today’s Google doodle honors none other than science fiction legend, Douglas Adams, on what would be his 61st birthday. Break out the ole’ Hitchhiker’s Guide and get adventuring. But don’t forget your towel!



If you watched last night’s episode, entitled “Clear,” then you know that it was the best hour of television you’ve ever seen. You also know it was one of the best instances of storytelling that you have ever encountered.

It touched on every note for why we love this story, whether it be in comic or television form. This story makes us feel deeply. It makes us think about how we live our lives and how we cope with suffering.