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Captain America with wings?! Now I’ve seen everything. Of course, we haven’t seen too much yet of the new Captain America, AKA: Sam Wilson, the artist soon to be formally known as The Falcon. Marvel Comics today released the first new images from the All-New Captain America #1, featuring several variant covers and about three pages of interior art. As you may or may not remember, it was announced earlier this year with a lot of hype and fanfare that Steve Rogers would soon be stepping away from the mantle of the Star-Spangled Avengers as he ran out of super soldier serum steam, leaving a vacuum in the Marvel Universe. But Cap’s good friend and partner Sam Wilson will step in for all new All-New adventures as the winged Captain America who is off to battle HYDRA and other threats to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Rick Remender is writing the new series with art by Stuart Immonen. Marvel’s press release is below along with several preview images. (more…)


Just like Daredevil, Secret Avengers is easily one of the coolest comics Marvel’s putting out right now. Rick Remender, Gabriel Hardman and the rest of the team are absolutely killing this book, and I’ve got four preview pages to prove it. Hit the jump for a first look at this month’s epic issue!


COMICS REWIND – ‘Fear Agent: Re-Ignition’

(Welcome to Comics Rewind, a weekly column devoted to discovering – or re-discovering – great comics published some time in the past. Here you will find looks back at comics published in every era, from the Golden Age to the Modern Age, as well as retrospectives on the work of important comics writers, lists of “essential” comics, and evaluations of important works, as well as works worthy of a second look or a wider audience. Enjoy!)

Tell me if this has happened to you: You read or watch a piece of sci-fi that you find ridiculously awesome, and you want to tell your friends about it. You hand it to them to experience for themselves, and a couple of days later they come back to you with something like this: “But dude, the robot on page 233 couldn’t exist because he didn’t have any kind of sustainable power source.” I can hear the groans of familiarity from here, cats and kittens. Don’t get me wrong, it’s part of our job as fanboys/girls to nitpick, but I submit to you that unless it’s in some way truly significant to the plot, a detail like that shouldn’t get in the way of a good story. It’s science fiction. Let NASA worry about how robots work and let the storytellers make up any kind of robot they want. Fear Agent is a comic book series deliberately written to ignore much of the “science” in science-fiction in favor of telling a kickass story. Reading this, you won’t hear any mumbo-jumbo about how the rockets work or who developed the lasers or where the robots’ circuitry came from. And you won’t care, because this is a book that knocks the nit-pickers on their asses.


New Venom’s Identity Revealed!


The Spider-Man villain Venom has consistently been one of the most fan favorites since his introduction. That very fan love for the character caused him to be shoe-horned into the disaster that was Spider-Man 3, but despite that, the love for him continues.

Starting this year, there is a Venom in town, working for the government in very secretive and black-op scenario’s. But, along with a new job, Venom also has a new host, and it is someone Spidey readers know very, very well.

Beware, spoilers abound below the jump!