Ricky Whittle

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman‘s now legendary novel American Gods was first released in 2001. Coming from such a flexible and dedicated writer – whose work ranges from Sandman to Coraline, Wayward Manor to Doctor Who – its solid cult status is hardly surprising. The book explores belief in all its forms, showing modern incarnation of gods through characters like Media and The Intangibles (spirits of the stock market), as contemporary faith shifts away from established religion. (more…)

The Day ‘American Gods’ Came to My Town


A notice of filming was passed around to businesses in the downtown core, a new TV series called Mister Chocolates would be here for a couple of days in the first week of May to film on the main street in Guelph, Ontario. The Mister Chocolates logo at the top of the notice was in cursive, and decorated with a cute little handle-bar moustache between the words “Mister” and “Chocolates,” a series described as “a tale of two friends as they travel across the American Midwest.” Why did that sound familiar… (more…)

Here’s a project we haven’t heard about in a while! American Gods, the new TV series based on Neil Gaiman‘s deeply meditative fantasy novel about faith and mythology, has its Shadow Moon, and by that, we mean it’s main character. Playing the man caught in the cataclysmic battle between the old and new gods is Ricky Whittle, who you may know as Lincoln, the Grounder with a heart of gold in the CW’s post-apocalyptic drama The 100. Whittle has experience surviving what happens after the end of the world, but can he help stop it from happening? (more…)