Batman-v-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-Teaser-Posters-0Dawn Of Justice is coming to give us the DCU superhero pow-wow we’ve all been waiting for and nerds everywhere are pumped but worried about the film having way too many characters featured to begin with. I mean don’t get us wrong, we love us an ultra-crossover as much as anyone, but with Doomsday, General Zod and (possibly) Bizzaro #1 already in the roster, we can’t help but worry that the 2-and-a-half-hour runtime might stretch the film way too thin. At least Zack Snyder seems to agree with this point, if the recently released interview tidbit is anything to go by…



If you watch Gotham on weekly basis, then you know that the writers are having fun screwing around with the basic DNA of the comic book, from Selina Kyle witnessing the Wayne murders, to Poison Ivy’s dad being a suspect, to last night’s introduction of the Scarecrow who turns out has a crazy daddy just as obsessed with phobias as he will one day be. Gotham loves its bad eggs, or at least the characters that will one day costume up and become bad eggs, but unless they’re going to start dipping into the nosebleeds and do the origin stories for Egg-Head and King Tut, there’s still one last Batman big bad left to be introduced on the show, and according to the show’s executive producer he’s coming. Sooner than you think. (more…)

There is a lot of Batman fan films out there. Some are good, but most of them are Mckayla Maroney meme face worthy. Now a new bat fan-flick rises. And, I’ll tell you, it’s the single most incredible fan film you’ll ever see.  Batman: Puppet Master, directed by Bryan Nest, takes place between Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and the recent Dark Knight Rises.

In the months following the death of Harvey Dent, Batman, still a wanted fugitive, is pushed to his limits as a new crime wave hits Gotham. Batman’s search to find who’s responsible leads him to a showdown with the masochistic serial killer Victor Zsasz.

Meanwhile Gotham’s newest crime boss, a mysterious figure known as Scarface, has an meeting with Edward Nigma, an FBI agent, sworn to bring down Batman at all costs.

All I can say is “Wow”. And for me, that’s saying something. I’m just as bad as Mckayla Maroney, nothing impresses me. 15 min fan film? Fuck, usually my A.D.D. kicks in and well basically, one sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, duck Old McDonald had a farm…HEEEY Macarena! This fan-film, however, held my attention from start to finish.

The makers of this short nailed the mood, setting, writing, acting, directing, lighting, and tension perfectly. Believably set in the Nolan-verse. Oh, and those villains?  Perfect rendition of Edward Nygma (aka The Riddler). Scarface and the Ventriloquist was a great reveal. Both felt organic with the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Honestly, I wound up forgetting this was a fan-film.

I’m sure the haters out there will find loads of quibbles to pick at. IMO, though,  I don’t think couldn’t have gotten a more believable fan-film. I  consider this an actual piece of the Dark Knight franchise.

Batman fan videos always interest me, especially since I was there when Batman’s Night Out hit 1,000,000 views. When I say I was there, I mean that I was there.

I’d have loved to have been in Arlington Texas on the day of 7-year-old Kye’s Bat Day.  He was diagnosed with leukemia and made a wish to the non-profit organization based in Texas called A Wish With Wings.  He wanted to be Batman for a day!  And boy does this kid have great taste.  He spent the day fighting crime and apprehending the Joker and the Riddler alongside Big Batman, the police and his two friends dressed up as Robin and Bat Girl.

The day ended with a special ceremony at City  Hall where the masked crusader revealed his identity to the masses and received the key to the city for his efforts against the villains.  The organization went out of their way and collaborated with the mayor’s office, the police department and the fire department to make this day possible for Kye.

How fuckin’ awesome is that!?  Check out a recap of the day below.  It is absolutely badass.

Source: Blastr

Arkham City is still about three months away but our nerdy excitement is ready to explode! Particularly because Rocksteady is so damn good at viral marketing. Everywhere you turn there’s another snippet or sneak peak of the upcoming sequel.

Do you remember in Arkham Asylum, all the audio tapes of inmate interviews scattered around? They were creepy, interesting insights in to the minds of Arkham’s sociopaths. This time around they’ve been leaking these interviews at conventions and making them available to those clever enough to decipher riddles left by you know who in the game trailers. But we’re not that smart, we’re freakin’ lazy gamers. That’s why we’ve collected all the leaked audio tapes here for you! Aren’t we grand?

Making these interviews extra special, and frightening, is Dr. Hugo Strange, a man insane enough he might as well be a patient himself. Below is his interview with the Joker (voiced again, marvelously, by Mark Hamill) and beyond the cut are interviews with Two-Face, Catwoman, Riddler and the Penguin.

Give ’em a listen and tell us, just how excited are your for Arkham City? Like on a scale from one to ten? I’m at eleven.

source: GeekTyrant



Robin Williams recently did an interview with Empire Magazine where he stated that he would love to be in a Batman movie playing anyone, and that he was originally offered the roles of both the Joker (which was taken by Jack Nicholson) and The Riddler (later filled by Jim Carrey) but even though he wanted the roles, they were taken by other actors.  So he would love to work with Chris Nolan again and do the new Batman movie.

Well, comicbookmovie.com reported that Williams brought this up again in an interview with The Sun and was quick to point out that the he had just thrown that information out there, really.  He has not been offered a role in the new Batman film, nor has he been actively pursuing any roles in the upcoming movie.  Instead, he was merely putting the information out there that he wouldn’t mind playing a character, any character, in a Batman movie.  The press took what he said and ran with it, blowing it out of proportion.

Thanks for clearing that up, Robin Williams.  We salute you.  Still in the running of potential E. Nigmas are Leonardo DiCaprio (Bugger off if you need me to tell you what he’s been in), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) and Tom Hardy (also Inception).

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We comment and shed light on the leaked Mortal Kombat teaser. Micheal Keaton would do Beetlejuice 2 in a heart beat. Indiana Jones 5 in the Bermuda Triangle? Dungeons and Dragons goes classic mode and shortens its play time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler in the new Batman Movie. Thundercats the Movie and more (we always touch base on so many thing i tend to forget).

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