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While making the Press rounds for his latest film The Martian, Ridley Scott confirmed that his next film would be a Prometheus sequel. Fans were kind of expecting that, so besides a quick nod, no one really gave it much thought. Production on the new film would begin early next year and we figured we’d find out a lot of the preproduction stuff as that time drew closer. What many were not expecting was the bomb that Scott dropped while doing an interview with the German movie site Filmfutter. Scott relieved that there may be as many as THREE Prometheus sequels in development. (more…)

Well gosh darn do I hate rumors. More so, I hate reporting them. Yea.. were taking the chance that there could be an element of truth to them (hence the reporting), but when they’re debunked within 24hrs then it’s a goddamn waste of time and you feel like an asshole. Yesterday, we reported a supposedly leaked plot for Ridley Scott‘s sci-fi film project Prometheus. Basically, the idea was that Space Jockeys (dead skeletal tumor dude from ‘Alien’), a race of supreme space overlords, created humans. Humans find technology, build an advanced spaceship and meet their makers. Some shit about equality goes down and all hell breaks lose; xenomorphs wreck everything. Well all lies I tell you. Lies! At least that’s what our friends at JoBlo are saying. Someone they know close to the production says the report was inaccurate. Backing up their claim is an official plot out line (which is vague as shit):

“Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery.”

GAWD, could that be anymore cryptic? I want answers dammit! Enough of the J.J.  Abrams mystery marketing tactics, you’re old and slowly slipping into senility Mr. Scott. Viral marketing is a young mans game.

Anyway, in addition to all that. It was also confirmed that Ben Foster has officially been cast in the film, and will join the previously cast Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and Michael Fassbender. You may remember Foster from the sci-fi film Pandorum. So he’s a veteran to the sci-fi space horror genre.

PROMETHEUS arrives on June 8, 2012. In 3D, of course. My only hope is that it will destroy expectations.. and they’re high as shit right now.

Source: JoBlo

Director Ridley Scott and stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace touched down at CineEurope Tuesday night to fire up the crowd of European exhibitors for the highly anticipated 3D sci-fi film Prometheus.

Scott and his two top cast members flew directly from the Prometheus set in Pinewood, London but did not bring any footage from the new, top secret project. (What a load of crap, NO FOOTAGE!?! Not even some stills.) They remained tight lipped and evasive during the Q&A session, only letting a few details of the film slip out. (Slip out as in planned, practiced and approved details from Scott himself.) Scott acknowledged that Prometheus, while not a direct prequel to Alien, occupies the same general universe, saying the picture was inspired by a desire to explore the mystery of the “space jockey” the giant fossilized creature with the burst-open chest seen in the first Alien movie but never explained.

Scott went on to confirm that the film’s title is the name of the space ship sent from earth by an all-powerful corporation familiar to fans of the Alien franchise. The Greek mythical reference, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to man — is deliberate.

“The (space) journey, metaphorically, is about a challenge to the gods,” Scott said. But Scott’s ambitions with Prometheus go far beyond simply restarting a hit franchise. The British director said the film’s storyline, and script by David Lindelof, was partially inspired by the writings of legendary Swiss sci-fi writer Eric van Daniken.

Van Daniken, author of 1968 bestseller Chariot of the Gods, is best known as the first proponent of the so-called ancient astronaut theory, which holds that aliens kick-started civilization on earth. “NASA and the Vatican agree that is almost mathematically impossible that we can be where we are today without there being a little help along the way,” Scott said. “That’s what we’re looking at (in the film), at some of Eric van Daniken’s ideas of how did we humans come about.”

Fassbender and Rapace were even cagier about revealing details of the Prometheus plot. Fassbender did hint his character, David, might be a version of the infamous corporate-designed android that plays a pivotal role in all Alien films. Perhaps the model that rebelled?

Rapace, the Swedish star of upcoming The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, only said that shooting with Scott has meant “hard and sweaty” days and that the 73-year-old director “still has more energy than all of us combined.” 20th Century Fox plans to bring Prometheus worldwide next summer.


Originally, Prometheus -the upcoming sci-fi thriller by Ridley Scott- was suppose to be an Alien prequel , but it turned into a whole other animal sort of speak. What this movie is and what the shit it’s about has been all the talk around the interwebs. It’s all in the mind of an aging, viagra popping Ridley Scott. He’ll probably die before we find out what the hell he has planned.

Now, there has been a lot of rumors floating around the web about  ‘Prometheus’, and while some of them have already been nullified,  others are still in question. Well, we can now add another round unofficial news to the scifi pot. Our buds at Bleeding Cool talked to sources that are supposedly close to the film. Assuming their contacts are legitmate here’s few tidbits that we might be able to expect. 

One of the biggest questions fans have been asking is how the previous ‘Alien’ films will tie into the movie, and his answer is pretty simple, it will have the aliens in it, the only problem is that you may not recognize them at first.

Most of you will remember when the aliens “mated” with a dog and the outcome resulted in an alien with canine qualities, the same so with when they grow inside of humans, and this is why you wont recognize them, they’re missing human or dog DNA.

He also learned that part of the films setting is a planet that has be created as the perfect environment to farm some sort of bioweapon.

He then asked his source whether or not the film would be called ‘Prometheus’ and his source replied with “Maybe not. Though they are calling it that for a reason.”

Wow, with these recent comments and the confirmed casting of Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace,  and Micheal Fassbender the more interest I have in wanting to see it. The Alien franchise needs a fresh kick to the groin.  It needs new ideas and imagination. So it sounds  like they are coming in with a story to tell, not just to crank out another Aliens film.

source: Bleeding Cool