Riki LeCotey


Almost since its inception there’s been nothing but drama and controversy surrounding SyFy‘s reality program, Heroes of Cosplay. Initially the choice of content combined with a predominately female cast raised concern the series was only interested in parading around sexy girls in costume. Thankfully, the series has managed to steer clear of that, though sexuality and how much is proper for cosplay did become a hot-button issue. An issue that was only escalated by some heavily manufactured drama between Yaya Han and Jessica Nigiri; a matter we’ve covered before.

Now it seems only a handful of episodes, and a new editor/supervising director, later there’s only more drama and fan backlash for the series. To the point where I’m questioning what SyFy’s intention for the program was if all it has caused is dissent in the community it chose to portray?



In the world of nerd culture there’s an aspect that doesn’t get quite the amount of respect it deserves: Cosplay. Now, if you follow Nerd Bastards you know we’re no strangers to complimenting the ladies or the fellas, but those outside this sub-culture don’t really know what kind of work goes into the trial and error of costume making. So, leave it to SyFy to come up with another reality-based television show to shove into our eye holes, Heroes of Cosplay.

The six-episode “docu-series” will have contestants develop and create costumes based on popular shows and series all in the name of cash prizes. It’ll be a “race against the clock to transform themselves into amazing fictional characters that push the boundaries between fantasy and reality…” Wait a minute, this sounds familiar…it’s Face Off for cosplayers!

Here’s a first look at just who will be a part of the show after the jump.