Y’know, when I watched the teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man for the first time, the PoV CGI swinging scene reminded me a whole lot of the 2008 parkour video game, Mirror’s Edge. I figured it was just the strong similarity because of the perspective as well as the kind of stunts that were shown in the trailer. And the whole reflection-in-building-windows thing. Turns out… there’s more than that.

Some dude at CVG compiled a bunch of scenes from Mirror’s Edge and basically recreated the Spidey trailer using game footage, and put them both together for our viewing pleasure. It’s pretty much the exact same thing, which is a little sad. You’d expect something that’s remaking shit that’s been remade so many times before to give off some semblance of uniqueness. Though, not gonna lie, Mirror’s Edge is a great source of inspiration for the kind of thing they’re trying to do with Spidey.

So, what do you guys think? Mere coincidence due to the intrinsic similarities between the two, or is there some more fuckery afoot? Regardless, I’m hoping The Amazing Spider-Man will come out on top with better combat scenes; if anybody is going to copy anything from Mirror’s Edge, it better not be the combat ’cause that shit sucked fuckin’ ass.

Source: Film Drunk


“Hello, American fanboys, look at your Supergirl,
now back to me,
now back at your Supergirl,
now back to me.
Sadly, she isn’t me,
but if she stopped wearing that tired Red, Yellow, and Blue Costume,
and switched to the Red, Yellow, and Black of Spiderwoman,
she could look like she’s me.
Look down, back up, where are you?
You’re in a cave with the woman your Supergirl could look like.
What’s in your hand, back at me.
I have it, it’s an over sized foam rubber boulder.
Look again,
the boulder is now an empty box holding your hopes and dreams.
Anything is possible when your woman looks like Spiderwoman
and is called Supergirl.
Now I’m a strange man wearing an over sized top hat.”

Indonesia- Where Supergirl looks like Spider-Woman, and men wear silly sized hats

OK, no one in their right mind would believe that the Indonesian “Supergirl” now showing on MNC TV produced by Soraya Intercine Films did not totally rip off the costume design of Marvel Comics Spiderwoman.  Just check out the original cover of Spider-Woman vol. 1, 1 (Apr, 1978). Cover art by Joe Sinnott.  Anyone have any doubt where the costume idea came from?

IO9 commenter Rossum translated Soraya Intercine’s PR agent’s response to allegations of plagiarism: