‘Alien 5’ Will Say Goodbye to Ripley


For a project that has been floating in the social consciousness for almost fifteen years now, Alien 5 still remains something of a mystery. It has had a number of different names attached to and dropped off it over the years, with everything from plot to characters to art released and then either retracted or put on hold as time went on and nothing came of it. Now that 2017 is just around corner, we’re finally getting close to seeing an actual product, as it has been said that work will really get underway after the Prometheus prequel Alien: Covenent, due for release in May of next year. (more…)

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Baby Ripley power loader Halloween costume. “Leave the candy bag alone, you bitch!!”  [Geekologie]


Surprise, surprise, but another gaming company has themselves in a bit of hot water over how they cater to female gamers. When will they learn it’s not only dudes buying their games. This time it’s the developer Gearbox feeling the fury of gamer girls over the lack of playable female characters in the online multiplayer portion of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

That’s right, in a game based on a franchise that gave us one of the most kick-ass, female warriors, Ripley, you can’t play as a woman when you want to game online. Way to seriously drop the ball, Gearbox.

But here’s hoping this might change before the games February 12th, 2013 release. Fan Melissa K. has started an online petition to make Gearbox aware of their egregious error. Under the username MOOSH89, the petition has already surpassed 2,000 signatures. Here’s their official statement from the petition’s website,

Aliens: Colonial Marines developed by Gearbox Software and published by SEGA is an upcoming First Person Shooter where according to the official website “You and your friends will become the most badass military outfit in the galaxy – the US Colonial Marines.”… “Enlist in the Marine Corps: Bringing you a true sequel to James Cameron’s classic Aliens…”… ” An extensive upgrade system allows players to customize their characters to play the way they want”, yet according to Brian Burleson, Producer at GBX, You CANNOT play as a female marine.

While we fully support Gearbox, We would like to request the inclusion of playable females. The ALIENS franchise is dominated by strong females such as Ripley, Vasquez, Ferro, Dietrich and most importantly, The Queen. There is roughly 5-6 months before the game goes Gold and releases February 12th, 2013. We believe ALIENS is the perfect starting pont for developers to start including playable females in more multiplayer shooters. And what better company to start this than Gearbox with the success of Borderlands and the benchmark shooter Brothers in Arms? There are many females that enjoy playing video games and are fans of the films who are tired of playing as a male all the time. Lets let Gearbox Software see how important this is to the ALIENS franchise!

What we want is the ability to create a CUSTOM female to represent ourselves just like the men can, in Multiplayer/Co-op in order for us to “Become a Colonial Marine” as well as accurately represent the other half of the United States Colonial Marine Corps!

I don’t believe the omission of a customizable female character was intentional by Gearbox, it’s an unfortunate oversight and sadly one we see more often than not. But it would be a great first step towards remedying the disparaging lack of options for female gamers.

Want to add you name to list of over 2,500 signatures? Sign the petition here.

Source: Gamespot via TDW: Geeks

I was born in the 80s, raised in the 90s. I’m of the generation where girls were taught to scream Girl Power! at the top of our lungs by the Spice Girls. It didn’t matter whether you were facing aliens or robots because Ripley and Sarah Connor had your back. I watched Buffy Summers slay vampires by night and struggle through adolescence by day. I saw Sailor Moon and The Powerpuff Girls save the day hundreds of times, all before bed time. But now?

What happened to the Girl Power of the 90s? What happened to ladies kickin’ ass and taking charge? Where did the female action stars go? What happened to the superwomen?

DC Women Kicking Ass, a phenomenal blog that’s always up to date with female superhero news, picked up on these comments made by Marvel Entertainment CCO Joe Quesada at the recent Kapow! Comic Con.  Reported by Ain’t It Cool News, Quesada talked about the possibility Marvel would make a movie with a female superhero in the lead,

In a chat afterwards, Joe told me that he’d love to make a tentpole movie with a female lead, but that he really doesn’t think there is an actress right now who could carry it, or a character that would work either.

Uh, cool, I think. At first he’s seems excited by the prospect of a female-led superhero movie then turns around and tells us there’s no female character or actress who could make it work. I can’t say I agree with him. Isn’t Black Widow and Scarlet Johansson proof a movie with a female superhero and a capable actress is within their grasp? They just need to seize the opportunity.

To makes things even weirder, Quesada followed up this comment with promising talk about a Ms. Marvel movie. Wha-? Abby Chandler of Badhaven reported Quesada told her,

A script for a Ms/Captain Marvel movie is ready to go. They just needed an actress. Marvel are having a meeting in a couple of weeks and will be ready to announce some films then … He said we’d be pleasantly surprised.

Okay. So Ms. Marvel is a a female character who could get her own movie, but without any capable actress around it probably won’t happen soon. Yet they’re promising film announcements that will pleasantly surprise us? Could this be the Black Widow movie that would just make so much freakin’ sense right now? Or maybe the Wasp plays an integral role in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film?

I’m so confused by the mixed messages Quesada presented. Why won’t anyone give the female-led action movie a shot? Was The Hunger Games a fluke? Where are today’s Ripleys, Sarah Connors, and Buffys? I just don’t get it.


Confession time  . . . this NerdBastard wasn’t excited about all the Prometheus hoopla going around. Yeah, I love the Aliens franchise but without Ripley, I just couldn’t get excited and I’ve skipped a lot of the marketing stills, videos, and such.

I wrote a couple of posts, but I was pretty much just pulling a “When Harry met Sally, your the best baby!” Going through the motions to get my daily posts in. Then this Happy Birthday David video gets my attention.

Michael Fassbender’s portrayal as David has left me speechless. The entire video has an underlying feeling of foreboding that has re-energized my desire to check this movie out. Androids, (excuse me) Artificial persons have made a lasting impression and impact on the Aliens franchise, Ash, Bishop, and Call have pretty much stolen the show in this NerdBastard’s opinion, and now we have David.

Prometheus comes out June 8, 2012.

This documentary from filmmakers Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Kelcey Edwards has already come to be thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, but now they need a little more help to bring the film to the South By Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

Originally titled, The History of the World According to Wonder Woman, the doc, “traces the fascinating evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman. From the birth of the comic book superheroine in the 1940s, to the blockbusters of today,WONDER WOMEN! looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society’s anxieties about women’s liberation.” It features interviews with Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman) as well as activists Gloria Steinem and Shelby Knox.

But the real stars of documentary are kick ass ladies like Ripley, Sarah Conner, Buffy Summers, Xena the Warrior Princess and of course, Wonder Women. In this film these iconic characters get to shine and that’s a cause worth supporting.

Check out the trailer below, it really starts at about the 1:15 mark after a message from the filmmakers.

Their Kickstarter campaign has only 23 more days to go, and they’ve raised $8,452 of their $15,000 goal. These funds will be going to, “professionally sound mix and color grade the film and prepare a festival print,” in addition to getting the film to the festival. Even if you only pledge a dollar every bit helps. Of course, if you can pledge more you could receive some cool rewards.

So come on, spread the word, donate if you can, and let’s help get these sexy, ass kickin ladies to the big screen!

Source: DC Women Kicking Ass

Ridley Scott‘s prequel to the Alien franchise, Prometheus  is set to release this summer on June 8th. It will be Scott’s return to the franchise he began with Alien in 1979. Since then the series has spawned multiple sequels, with one usually being the worse than the one before. I’ll make an exception for Aliens, it didn’t necessarily surpass Alien in quality but it was a successful sequel that took the aliens from frightening to terrifying and it cemented Ripley as an action hero icon.

Speaking of Ripley, we won’t see her character in Prometheus but Sigourney Weaver is claiming the premise was all her idea! Outrageous.

Fox and I disagreed on how the franchise should continue. But I’m glad it’s Ridley doing it, and I’ll be as curious as anyone, or maybe more curious, to see it. I think he took my suggestion. Fox wanted to go to Earth, and I said: ‘That’s so boring. Who wants to see aliens on earth?’ I said, ‘Go back to the planet’.

If it was initially her idea, thank you Sigourney. Had we followed the series forward and had a movie where the aliens invaded Earth I think it’d be as forgettable as just about every post-Aliens flick of the franchise.

Of course, it’s more likely Scott and Damon Lindelof knew they wanted to make a prequel from the get go, but I like the idea of Ripley having some imput. Weaver and Scott have been good friends since Alien so I wouldn’t doubt they’ve discussed it.

Where do you think the idea for a prequel originated?

Also, have you seen side-by-side comparison of the Prometheus trailer with scenes from the original Alien?

What great evidence for how similar Alien and Prometheus will be. I love it. I know Hollywood is lacking for original ideas, and everything is either a prequel, sequel or re-imagining, but Prometheus looks fantastic.

Source: Geek Tyrant

Other than a few production photos and vague premise, few people know what the hell Ridley Scott is doing with his latest project Prometheus.This quasi alien prequel has been under tight scrutiny ever since it was first announced.

Well, cast member Noomi Rapace has spoken up…about her character.

The star known for her role in the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and subsequent films The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest talked about her role in the Ridley Scott prequel.

“I play Elizabeth Shaw, researcher and archaeologist. She’s British but was raised in Africa because her father was a missionary. From him she learned to believe in God, and she has a strong inner self.

She is the most complete person I have ever played. She has an inner light. She’s very stubborn and determined.

She lost her parents when she was a child, so she’s been alone from a young age. But she’s very intelligent. I know that when one has to survive alone from an early age, one becomes strong.

But also fragile, because the hurt child within her hasn’t been able to evolve in a natural way. You get easily hurt emotionally. She’s full of hope, a dreamer, a little naive.

Halfway through the movie a lot of things happen and she turns into a fighter. Another part of her comes to life.”

Intelligent, strong and she becomes a kick ass fighter halfway through the movie.

Sounds like a connection to Alien‘s own Ripley, doesn’t it? Just what could this magical connection be, Noomi said:

“There is a relationship there. I saw Alien as a teenager and was blown away. Can it really be like that? She was the first female star. With Alien and Thelma and Louise, Ridley has created a lot of hope and dreams.”

Even with this bit of detail on her character, Noomi doesn’t give anyway anything about Prometheus or it’s plot. Bah! The mystique is killing us!

Via: The Mary Sue