rise of the silver surfer


Josh Trank‘s all-new, all-different Fantastic Four hits theaters everywhere next year, exactly 10 years after the first time a major Hollywood studio tried to make Marvel’s First Family, if not an Avengers level chart smasher then at least an X-Men par hit movie. But it wasn’t either. Despite getting enough grease to warrant a sequel, Tim Story‘s two Fantastic Four movies remain a giant example of what not to do when adapting a comic book into a film. But seriously, how does Story feel about his movies 10 years after the fact? Let’s ask him. (more…)


They say that it’s going to be release in March 2015, they say that production is scheduled to begin this coming June, but on this last day of April in 2013, we still don’t have even one cast member nailed down for Josh Trank‘s re-staging of the Fantastic Four. Well maybe that’s changing. Deadline is reporting that Allison Williams, co-star of the HBO Girls and daughter of NBC anchor and Daily Show punchline Brian Williams, is on the short list for a part in the film “I’ve heard Williams is also on the short for the Fantastic Four reboot, which is in the very early talking stage,” the site states.

By process of elimination, we can infer that Williams is most likely up for the role of Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman. The part was played by Jessica Alba in 2005’s Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer, so automatically the mere rumor of Williams playing the part is an improvement. If casting news is leaking, then maybe we should expect some hard casting news soon.

Anyway, what do you Bastards think? Would Williams make a good Invisible Woman, or do you have different casting ideas?

Source: Comic Book Movie