River Tam


Last summer the above picture of the Firefly crew dressed in Starfleet uniforms was floating around. I just saw it again and it got me thinking. I’d love to see the Firefly gang pull off a job against those stuffy Starfleet officers. Wouldn’t that make an awesome mash-up? We could see some classic match ups, down and dirty, drag out, mega Fanboy fights.

Click the JUMP to see what Firefly / Star Trek match-ups this Nerdbastard wants to see.


Cutest Serenity Figures EVER!


I love Firefly. I love Serenity. I love all the characters that Joss Whedon created in that universe, and I wish that show could have continued on … but that’s a story for another post.

I am here to talk about some figurines so cute that I may have to get a grin-ectomy for smiling so much when I see them. These figurines are just asking to be bought and looked at whenever you, or another Browncoat (what fans of the show and/or movie call themselves) needs cheering up.

The newest additions to Quantum Mechanix’s “Little Damn Heroes” line of Serenity maquettes have been revealed in time for SDCC – River Tam and Wash. This is in addition to the already made Kaylee, Mal and Jayne.

I cannot find when the River and Wash figurines become available for pre-order, but they will most likely be displayed on the Quantum Mechanix website.

Pictures of all the maquettes can be found below the jump. Seriously, how CUTE are they?



It’s impossible to become a badass babe. If your a femme fatal, you come out of the womb with a gun in one hand and sword in the other. You naturally exude a combination of toughness, self-reliance, vulnerability, and sexiness. A badass babe doesn’t follow any rules. They will maim and blow up everything that gets and in their way and do it while wearing the least amount of clothing as possible.

Movies and television are chock full of these badasses and here are the top 10 bitches you don’t want to fuck with.