Roald Dahl


If this isn’t family movie gold, it’s hard to imagine what would be: a Walt Disney Studios adaptation of a Roald Dahl book directed by Steven Spielberg. The BFG represents a reunion on many levels with Spielberg re-teaming with his Bridge of Spies actor, Academy Award-winner Mark Rylance; his preferred composer John Williams, who had to pass on Spies because of his work on Star Wars; and with his E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial screenwriter Melissa Mathison, who sadly passed away late last year. In the new trailer for The BFG you’ll note the distinct feeling of homecoming, a callback to vintage 80s Spielberg, with the adventure of an orphaned child into a realm of the extraordinary. (more…)


The tales of Roald Dahl have thrilled kids for decades. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and James and the Giant Peach are all classics in their own right, but is the power of Dahl ready to meet the overwhelming influence of the combined efforts of Walt Disney Studios, and director Steven Spielberg? Are we? You better hope so because next summer, the Spielberg-directed, Disney-produced adaptation of The BFG will arrive in multiplexes everywhere. Since ’tis the season for teaser trailers for next year’s biggest movies, the very first look at The BFG has just been released online for your eyes to behold and wonder. (more…)