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The special effects powers that be behind Deadpool 2 are wasting no time getting ready for production as they begin the process to transform Josh Brolin into Cable. Brolin shared two images on Instagram today that certainly show his commitment to the role. Sitting still for that kind of head cast is not easy. Brolin is no stranger to wearing prosthetics for a role, he wore Jonah Hex‘s scar quite well. Check out some of what he’s going through below. (more…)

A long time ago, when Costco used to sell comic books in sealed packages ranging from X-Men to Thor to Batman and even Quasar. Who the hell is Quasar? Exactly. Also included in some of those packages were some smaller press comics from a company by the name of Image. Their titles included Youngblood, Brigade, and Bloodstrike. They were part of a universe known as the Extreme Universe and were all created Rob Liefeld. And now Liefeld, along with Akiva Goldsman have just hit a deal with numerous Hollywood executives to bring the Extreme Universe to life and to a theater near you in the not too distant future.



There’s was a minor controversy earlier this year during the lead-up to Deadpool when it seemed like Rob Liefeld was getting the solo credit as Deadpool’s creator without writer Fabian Nicieza. That’s a lot of cache, and given Deadpool’s boffo box office, it should come as no surprise then that studios might be interested in other Liefeld properties, and boy does he have a lot of them. Liefeld was a comic making machine in the 90s, and now it seems that one of his creations is about to get the big screen treatment at Paramount Pictures. Want to see an Avengelyne movie? They certainly hope so.  (more…)


We should have seen in this coming. The success of Deadpool earlier this year at the box office, has emboldened Rob Liefeld, who co-created Merc with the Mouth, to dig back into menagerie and see what else he can make a profit on. After all, everything else he’s ever done must be genius too, right? That assertion will be put to the test next year when Liefeld and Image Comics relaunch Youngblood, which was one of the founding books and a million seller for Image back in 1992. But this isn’t the same Youngblood from the 90s though, this is an all-new Youngblood that looks laid back and chill for the 20-teens. (more…)


Our story yesterday about Twentieth Century Fox and the filmmaking team behind Deadpool 2 coming to loggerheads about the casting of Cable might be causing some cause for concern. Deadpool was the perfect storm when it was released this past February: Fox was looking to diversify the X-Men universe, fans were pushing for it following the leak of the test footage, and the original creative was ready and willing to make it happen immediately. The case of Deadpool 2 might be a bit more complicated though. Fox knows now there’s lots of money in Deadpool, and they will do anything, even unintentionally screw it all up, to make more. But Deadpool’s creator says trust the process. (more…)

When Rob Liefeld took the stage at his Toronto ComiCon Q&A, he took the stage solo saying that he would, “eat that moderator alive.” Out of the mouths of most people, that would have sounded hyperbolic, but in Liefeld’s case, 60 minutes later, the crowd knew it to be true because it was a solid hour of Rob Liefeld talking about Rob Liefeld and not one question was asked or answered. Perhaps he really didn’t need to answer any questions. For Liefeld, who’s currently basking in the success of the movie Deadpool, this official first trip to Toronto felt like a victory lap. (more…)


Even before Deadpool opened to record-breaking box office last weekend, 20th Century Fox had announced that they already had a sequel greenlit for the Merc with the Mouth. Looking back in hindsight, that was a shrewd piece of development, but more important that getting Ryan Reynolds and Co. back for another slapstick, barely appropriate, violent adventure with jokes, there’s an elephant in the room that’s an aged cyborg mutant from the far-future, and his name is Cable. That’s some big boots with a lot of straps to fill, so who could possibly fill those boots? If you’ve seen Deadpool then you know he has some ideas, but another fan choice is once again trying to stake his claim to it. (more…)


Deadpool opens in theaters this Friday, and Nerd Bastards has posted not just one, but two, reviews of the highly anticipated anti-hero, superhero movie. Obviously, we’re all looking forward to the film, but there’s an important question that we all need answered before walking into the cinema at the end of the week: Does Rob Liefeld get credit for co-creating Deadpool? In a Facebook post, Liefeld discussed how he managed to secure a credit for himself and writer Fabian Nicieza for co-creating Deadpool in The New Mutants #98, but because this is Rob Liefeld we’re talking about, the situation has not gone without controversy. (more…)


There are a ton of X-Men characters that have made it onto the big screen, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, and next month we’ll add Deadpool to the list. *(X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool doesn’t count, no red suit and sown shut mouth wasn’t Deadpool, just some fevered dream that went terribly wrong… best forgotten and left buried.) Even with all the X-Men we’ve seen so far, there’s still a bunch of fan favorites that need some big screen treatments, Channing Tatum’s Gambit starts shooting this week, but we’ve already seen Gambit. Cable is really the big X-Men character missing for many fans. Cable’s creator Rob Liefeld shared his thoughts on who should play the role on the silver screen last night during the Golden Globes. (more…)


With SDCC 2015 just days away, there are a lot of production stills making their Internet debut to begin to build some Internet chatter before the big SDCC 2015 Trailer/Panel/Clip dumps that will take over the Internet next week. Director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds have been keeping Deadpool fans in the loop throughout production and the promise of a trailer or clip next week has Deadpool fans salivating. This time around there are two new stills making the Internet rounds. (more…)