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Hollywood beefs start over the smallest things. To wit, you’ll recall that in 2007, Rob Zombie made a remake of Halloween, and in a documentary about the effort Zombie said that original Halloween director John Carpenter was “cold” to his efforts to honour the ballad of Michael Myers, disgruntled babysitter killer. Carpenter didn’t like that, and in a Q&A earlier this week the legendary filmmaker said he had nothing but support for Zombie as he remade his legacy (and some would say butcher it). But just as quickly as this flared up, the feud now seems to be over. Carpenter has called it, and he says he and Zombie have “buried the hatchet.” And not in each other. (more…)

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I’m not here to brighten your miserable day. I am here to end your miserable life.”

Director Rob Zombie is bringing back some twisted and demented horror to the big screen. Zombie’s followers have been clamoring for the release of his film ‘31,’ his latest output sine 2014’s ‘The Zombie Horror Picture Show,’ and now we get a fantastic look at what the writer/director has in store come this September. The trailer for the film 31, which is being dubbed as “his most twisted film yet” certainly evokes the kind of imagery you would expect from Zombie. (more…)


1, 2, 3! Who Should I kill?! Every motherfucker, running up the hill!!

Rob Zombie is on tour, he also has an eye for being a gritty and wonderful director. On an online poll, on his official blog he asked what movie he should direct next; The choices are The Blob, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Werewolf Women of the SS and a surprising The Devil’s Rejects 2 was included.

Now if you don’t know, Werewolf Women of the SS was one of the short faux trailers during Grindhouse, including the soon to be released Machete.

Anyway, Devils Rejects 2? I would personally love to see the continuation of the insane family even though when last we saw them they were riddled with bullets. He can find a creative way to do it, like a prequel. It technically isn’t even a sequel, it would be the 3rd in the line after House of a 1000 Corpses, where he removed a few characters like Grandpa and the badass looking monster man Dr. Satan for Rejects. He turned the campy horror version of Corpses into the disturbing thriller of Rejects.

Unless he goes back to the camp horror roots, he may have to go the prequel route, which, as a huge fan, I would love to see. What movie would you want to see Zombie do? Even perhaps a Halloween 3? (Via GeekTyrant)

AOL has reported that “The Final Destination” has earned a totally unexpected (to me) a decent 28.3 Million this weekend. It was a shocker to me anyway with the unexpected success of Rob Zombie with Halloween in 2007, and the follow up of his sequel, Halloween 2, this week. So in a one on one competition I would have expected the stronger “Halloween” to have bested the wavering “Final Destination” franchise.  But to my surprise and dismay, (I was rooting for my homeboy, Zombie) it came in 3rd right behind “Inglourious Basterds”. AOL also said;

Weinstein also had the No. 3 slot with the horror flick “Halloween II,” which opened with $17.4 million. The movie is Rob Zombie’s sequel to his update of the slasher franchise about crazed killer Michael Myers.

It’s unusual for two horror movies to open over the same weekend. While “Final Destination” and “Halloween II” competed for the same audience, both managed solid receipts.

“They got their $17 million, we got our $28 million. That’s a lot of business all around,” said Jeff Goldstein, general sales manager for Warner Bros.


Halloween 2 Review

No one was more excited to see Halloween 2 more than me! I thought Rob Zombie’s reimagining of the story was brilliant and compelling less involvement of creative ways to hack people up and more on developing the back story of the child turned monster. I wish I could say the same about 2… (more…)