Robbie Amell


After Robbie Amell teased it this weekend at Toronto ComiCon, Code 8 has now been unleashed onto the world. The short film came out online yesterday, and yes, the point of it is not just to have a short movie on YouTube, but to tease something bigger. This Robbie Amell/Stephen Amell joint looks to combine the style and themes of Chronicle and Dredd into a new sci-fi action story, and the current interest for all things nerdy plus the comic book pedigree of the Amell boys, should definitely peak some interest. But does Code 8 peak your interest? Let’s take a look. (more…)


With roles in The Flash, and the recent X-Files miniseries, not to mention The Tomorrow People, and a recurring part in Alcatraz, Robbie Amell has positioned himself well as a young actor interested in making himself a linchpin of nerd culture. Of course, it’s a family trade. His cousin Stephen Amell is TV’s Green Arrow on Arrow, and will be appearing as Casey Jones in this summer’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. Still, this Amell had much to talk about, a lot of Flash memories, a new project with his cousin launching Tuesday, and, of course, being Mulder Jr. (so to speak) on The X-Files. (more…)


It wasn’t necessarily a coincidence that the final season of The X-Files began the same autumn that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurred. Granted, the show, then its ninth season, was suffering from fatigue, the departure of one of its leads, the imminent departure of the other, and a replacement cast that just wasn’t up to filling the shoes of the originals while chasing an ongoing story with diminishing results and becoming increasingly more convoluted, but really it was 9/11. It was fascinating then this week to see Mulder and Scully do something the real-life FBI is tasked to do, track down terrorists of the Muslim extremist variety. (more…)


Get ready to celebrate The X-Files like it’s 1995! There’s tremendous excitement over the short, six-episode revival of the show set to premiere on Fox in January, and there’s been no shortage of coverage on this site and others about all the ins and outs and expectations of those half-dozen episodes. Now there’s this: might this X-Files miniseries be a beachhead meant to launch something more ongoing? Like an all-new X-Files ongoing series starring two of the new characters being introduced in the Mulder and Scully-centric limited series? Seems like perfect synergy, but don’t but your money on a new X-Files dynasty just yet. (more…)


I’m sure you all saw The Flash season premiere last night, but in the off chance you’re saving it for the weekend, or a rainy day, or whatever, we won’t talk about the spoiler-y implications till after the “Read more…” thing. If you came to this article via social media and don’t want to be spoiled – LEAVE NOW! – because this article is about a plot detail that emerged about 15 minutes into last night’s premiere. A development that has a big impact on more than one Flash character, and promises grand implications going forward. And for those of you who know what I mean, you should realize that the executive producer of the show says don’t worry. The end is not always the end. (more…)


It’s coming down to crunch time for both of the CW‘s flagship superhero series, Arrow and The Flash. Both shows are two-thirds over for the season, and major plot points have been revealed as the pieces have started to be arranged for what’s sure to be seminal, cataclysmic season finales. There’s the rub, obviously the shows want to keep their secrets close, but they both shoot outside on the occasionally, but rarely, mean streets of Vancouver, where sharp-eyed shutter bugs can catch site of superhero doings in progress if they’re quick enough, and/or lucky enough. Making the rounds on the internet this morning is what might be a look at the epic fight that will cap The Flash’s first season, and this should go without saying, but spoilers are ahead. (more…)


The writers of The Flash certainly had some brass when they decided to incorporate the DC Comics hero Firestorm into the show. Now Firestorm may not make the front bench of the Justice League, and he may not make the Top 100 of the best-selling superheroes of all time, but his super-power is fire and he’s got, easily, one of the most flamboyant costumes in the entire DC Universe. Now we’ve seen what Firestorm (and actor Robbie “cousin of Arrow’s StephenAmell) looks like when the flame is on – so to speak – but one has to wonder how The Flash will re-interpret the costume for TV. Well wonder no more! Behold, Firestorm’s CW-approved, ready for prime time, updated haute couture. Warning, this may not exactly meet you definition of fighting style. (more…)


Phew. Sounds like I conjugated DC Comics with that headline. But yes, it’s true! Sources are saying that Robbie Amell, cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell, has signed up to play the role of Ronnie Raymond on the Arrow spin-off, The Flash. The former Tomorrow Person will make his Flash debut in Episode 3, and will appear on a recurring basis through the first season of the show. As to whether or not we’ll see Raymond seize his destiny as one-half of the hero Firestorm, is yet to be determined, but presumed to be in the works. (more…)