robert burden

Known for his massive and awesome paintings of 80’s era action figures and the time lapse videos of him painting them, Robert Burden has created something wonderful again. The subject matter, the ThunderCats. The result? A massive 6 ft x 11 ft (unframed) painting titled “Soldiers of Thundera”. Burden says it took him about 1000 hours, spread out over seven months.

One day, I want to buy a van. Not some soccer mom deal, I am talking a real van, something from the 70’s. I will let Burden spill his nerdy creative glory over the sides of it, for I know it will be a work of art. I will then have myself buried alive in it, for I know I will never see something so wondrous again. I just wanted to share that, oh and the video.

It is after the jump.



Robert Burden, the mind behind the He-Man Battle Cat piece as well as the Voltron is back with his Birth of a Jedi. Working the 10 foot canvas, the artist stop motioned his work over the course of 7 months. They say that every man should have a talent in his hands, and saying that about Mr. Burden isn’t compliment enough. After all the time spent with his painting, you get a close up view of all the figures he used as his painting models, which gives an even cooler geek quality, showing us that he used figures as his models.  In a world of CG and computer art, its a wonder to behold the oil painting on canvas is still relevant, and extremely beautiful.

To check more of Robert Burdens epic nerd out head on over to his website gallery and store Yes. I said store. You can actually buy a print of “The Birth of a Jedi” and many others. They sell at $400.00 a pop (yikes!).

via gizmodo