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A few days back, the news came that Dan Harmon‘s Community had been renewed for a fourth season and everyone rejoiced. This latest bit of news may cool a bit of that rejoicing.

Over the weekend NBC announced a move in their fall schedule, shifting Community from Thursdays to the Friday night death slot where shows go to die — this despite the slight ratings boost the show has enjoyed since coming back from hiatus.

Ready for more troubling news? Show runner Dan Harmon and star Chevy Chase have not yet signed on to return. As to whether or not their status is related to their behind-the-scenes feud, and words said by Chevy at the season three wrap party remains to be seen.

Going back to the schedule switch, NBC president Robert Greenblatt insists that the move is perfect for the show, (you know, if you want to kill it completely):

“The show has its faithful audience and they will follow it to the ends of the Earth. And I really wanted to do something to invigorate Friday because we love Grimm. So I thought, let’s move a show where the audience will move with it. I actually look at the positive side of it, although no good deed goes unpunished.”

According to Greenblatt, a deal could be struck for Harmon’s return soon:

“Those conversations are happening as we speak, I guess what I would say is … I expect Dan’s voice to be part of the show somehow. I’m just not sure exactly if that means him running it day to day or consulting on it.”

Harmon spoke up about where he stands on season four, via twitter “Guys, if I ‘didn’t come back,’ it wouldn’t be because Chevy’s a prick. That’d be like punching a wall because water’s wet. Now CELEBRATE!”

At least he’s being honest about his feelings and yes, fans should celebrate. It is hard however, knowing that the creator of a fan favorite show might not be coming back to lead it’s production. We’ll keep you posted as this develops, until then rejoice at half speed, you know, just in case.

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Super Hero Round Up? All the little Superhero movie bits that you should know about, but just don’t make a full post on their own.

After all the rewrites, costume changes and questionable character tweaking, NBC passed on the Wonder Woman dramatic action series pilot. Good decision for NBC, but too bad for Adrianne Palicki, who probably thought she’d landed the greatest gig ever.  You’d think that the problem lied solely with the very David E. Kelley-ness of the show, and not with her performance, right? But NBC chief Robert Greenblatt, says other wise. Greenblatt (haha, he has a funny last name) sat down with TV Guide recently and explained why the network skipped on Diana Prince and her lasso of truthh:

“They did a great pilot and worked really hard on it. And I have huge respect for David E. Kelley. But we looked at the schedule and our needs and where things were falling into place. And it just didn’t seem to fit.”

On what he thought about the costume and fan backlash:

“I was surprised there was such an uproar. But that didn’t have anything to do with whether the show got picked up. I love that it got so much attention. All that engagement from people whether it was positive or negative was good. And she did ultimately have these little hot pants…”

Son of a bitch! Fucker teases about “ little hot pants” we’ll never ever see. Dick!

I was really not excited about this show at all and the collective consensus from, I dunno… everyone, shared in the sentiment. Is there anyone that’s not happy with NBC’s decision. Besides Adrianne Palicki, that is.  What are your thoughts on GreenBlatt’s explanation?

I was really not excited about this show at all and the collective consensus from, I dunno… everyone, shared in the sentiment. Will Wonder Woman ever see the light of day?  Probably not, but some other network could still pick this up like Sy Fy ‘cause they have no standards.

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