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Poor Liam Neeson just can’t seem to get a break.  Everyone the guy knows gets kidnapped, forcing him to rescue them in dramatic and action-packed ways.  In the first Taken film he has to go get his daughter.  Then Taken 2 got made and it was all about his wife.  And even though the second wasn’t quite the original idea that the first was, it made tons of cash, which is, of course, the most important part of making a movie.  So onward they go, to produce a third installment in this repetitive franchise.

Taken 3, as it will no doubt be called, is in talks.  Writer Robert Mark Kamen (a man who is quickly losing my respect) talked recently to and has this to say:

We didn’t start talking about [Taken 3] until we saw the numbers.  But then we said, ‘Oh, okay. I think we should do a third one.’ And Fox wants us to do a third one.  We’ve taken everyone we can take — it’s going to go in another direction.

The key words here being, of course, “until we saw the numbers”.  Yup, it’s another money grab playing off the complacency of movie audiences.  Liam Neeson, when asked about the possibility of a third, had something else to say:

How many times can she be taken?  I mean, it’s bad parenthood, really, after that.

It’s okay, Liam, they’re going “in another direction” so you have nothing to worry about.

Whether Neeson signs on or not remains to be seen, though considering his rather undemanding nature concerning roles as of late, I’m guessing Taken 3 will be hitting theaters as fast as the studios can film it.


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.

The future holds for movie viewers yet another remake of an old classic.  This time around it’s Bloodsport, the punch-kick film from 1988 that pitted Jean-Claude Van Damme against a host of other martial artists in a visual spectacle with little storyline.  The man stepping up to the plate to write the new script is none other than Robert Mark Kamen, perhaps best known for penning The Karate Kid and Transporter franchises as well as his most recent work, Taken 2.

When chatting with CraveOnline about the upcoming remake, Kamen expressed his opinion that he’d rather the movie have nothing to do with Jean-Claude Van Damme, even in a small cameo.

Or, in his own words:

This film resembles the original in title only. It has nothing to do with any Kumite contest. It has nothing to do with Frank Dux. If the title was not the same, you would not associate the two films. To use JCVD would make no sense because the association would be lost as the story has nothing to do with the first one. If anything it would be a distraction.

So… it has nothing to do with the original one, eh?  Then why fkn name it Bloodsport and refer to it as a remake?  Oh, that’s right – cause people will buy more tickets if they can be fooled into believing they’re getting a movie made from the same franchise as the original.

This Nerdbastard’s opinion: Lame move you greedy wankers.


Thanks to ComingSoon for the info.