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Predator’s Teenage Son


Have ya ever wondered if any of the Predators have family raising issues like the normal human beings they hunt? Probably not, unless you were under some sort of influence (if that’s the case, tell where you got your stuff). The fine folks over at CollegeHumor has made a video where you don’t need to wonder anymore. Indeed, the Predators themselves at times have to deal with their teenage kids and realizing that they may not be the son that they want. Check the video out as it’s funny and may be touching to some of you and hey, there’s a “surprise” appearance at the end.

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The one thing Hollywood loves to do is to get a franchise from our childhood and make it a live action movie and most of the time, we end up crying what happens… well I cry. Anyways, after some ups and down with the movie project it seems that Columbia Pictures may have found its writers for the movie. Those two writers Michael Finch and Alex Litvak, the two who wrote the upcoming Rodriguez Predators movie. The pitch they threw that got them the gig was that they can prove that it can be cinematic while keeping true to the characters of the franchise to keep Mattel happy. It looks like it’s heading at the right direction with these two as the writers since the upcoming Predators movie looks freaking awesome and they probably could have gotten writers . What do you guys think, do you think is a good move towards a Masters of the Universe movie or will no power of Greyskull will save it?

Source: /Film

Robert Rodriguez’s Predators 1st Trailer

Holy Heart Attack Batman!! (Actual lines from the original Batman And Robin Movie). We are presented with Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of the Predator franchise. Which thanks to all the AVP films was turning them into a big vaginal joke. This movie looks primed, cut and gritty with enough guns and dirt blowing upward to make the new Clash of the Titans to look tame. Besides Rodriguez’s staple homeboy, Danny Trejo, theres Adrienne Brody,  joined by Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Walton Goggins, Alice Braga, and Oleg Taktarov. Also first time Jason Voorhies, Derek Mears will play (I assume) lead Predator.

It looks like they’ve put a whole shit load of Prison death row inmates, who are each the worlds most elite killers, on the Predator’s home planet as the game to be hunted. Unfortunately, the star studded cast will drop like flies, I’m assuming, in order of Celeb List Ranking…Besides that, it looks like aside from Predator 3, this reboot will give us the Pred movie we’ve deserved since the early 90’s.

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