Robert Wilson IV


On the shelf they stand there, lined up like toy soldiers with their glossy covers, quality paper, exotic inks (go with it, I’m trying to make a point) and a heaping dollop of imagination. These things combine to make not just comic books, but a pathway to adventure (too much?), but we sometimes forget how much effort goes into creating them.

Brian Winkeler and Robert Wilson IV came up from the streets of South Boston together (I’m lying) where they were raised up by a tough former boxer named Shamus O’Shea Gibson. Punished by the Gods for hot dogging it in the ring, Shamus had only one eye, but because of that, he taught Brian and Robert a lesson about the value of a dollar, the salve that is a blues song and the devil’s nectar that is Strawberry wine. Lessons that they would put into practice while working on the rail line as porters by day and card counters in the club car by night (again, these are lies). Tossed out of a moving train one too many times, the guys decided to settle down in Baton Rouge, run a saloon for left handed Americans and slowly work to tell their story in the pages of a comic book.

Knuckleheads is not that comic book, but it is pretty damn good and these guys have brought this tale about a slacker, his friends, a pair of alien made brass knuckles and a giant lizard that feels ripped off by the early death of [REDACTED] in Godzilla (and now I’m just projecting) from a self-published print book to the digital realm with Monkeybrain Comics and now to IDW for the release of Knuckleheads: Fist Contact, a trade paperback that earned raves from our own Leo Johnson and had one sexy critic compare it sexily to Shaun of the Dead in terms of its humorous tone. (more…)

DC Comics is relaunching their whole line in September with 52 new #1 issues, blah, blah, blah, we’ve heard this spiel. Want to check out something truly cool and innovative, how about the project, DC Fifty-Too! Spear-headed by cartoonist, John Morris, DC Fifty-Too! is a collarborative effort among 52 artists to interpret a new DC Universe in their own way. The challenge being,

If DC approached you and offered you any DC property – past or present – of your choice to be your own new ongoing part of the DC Universe, what would the cover to the first issue look like?

Beginning on August 15th and running through the 31st,  DC Fifity-Too! will share,

…four new covers for DC Comics that never were but probably ought to have been, brought to you by artists like Indigo Kelleigh, Joel Priddy, Zack Soto, Matthew Allison, Robert Wilson IV, Mike Norton, Amy Mebberson and many many many more!

Awesome, right? Not nearly as awesome as the results! Check out our favorite covers so far below the cut and keep checking back at DC Fifty-Too!’s blog for more incredible art and designs DC doesn’t have the balls to publish.