Robin Hood: Origins

The story of Robin Hood is one that has endured since the medieval period, with the first clear reference to him appearing as early 1377. The ballad of the woodland dwelling hero and his band of merry men who steal from the rich and give to the poor has been reincarnated in almost every possible iteration over the centuries. Now Lionsgate is joining the gang with a film due for release next year called Robin Hood: Origins. It already has a powerful cast in the form of Taron Egerton as Robin Hood and Jamie Foxx as Little John. (more…)


Many actors, when they’re playing iconic roles, tend to worry about being type cast. Take Star Wars, for instance. If you come off a role playing the film’s villain, rattling your (light)saber at the heroic group of freedom fighters trying to restore peace and justice, are you going to want to head into the woods of Merry Ole England in medieval times and do the exact same thing? If you’re Ben Mendelsohn, you do! The character actor, who is about to make a big impression on fans as bad guy Orson Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will next fill the boots of the Sheriff of Nottingham. (more…)