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If you’ve never checked out Epic Rap Battle’s (ERB) channel on YouTube, you’re seriously missing out. They have both historical and pop culture icons face off against each other in amazingly intricate rap battles, and let the viewers pick the winners. Two of my favorites have been The Wright Brothers vs. The Mario Brothers, and Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare. Their most recent battle took a turn for the sci-fi, pitting The Terminator vs. RoboCop, and both parties certainly brought their A-game!



Machinima is that wonderful place where gaming and film come together to make cinematic magic outside traditional Hollywood outlets. Whether it’s Mortal Kombat Legacy, Halo Forward Onto Dawn, or Sonic For Hire, this little slice of YouTube is always outputting top quality videos and acclaimed webseries (both live action and animated) that otherwise wouldn’t exist by other means. It’s projects for fans by fans (with some smart money and capable hands), and the hits just keep on coming.

Always known for videos made from the cinematic engines of video games, this not-so-small online production company is venturing out to other cinematic initiatives. Among a couple of DC-related series and a rather out of left field effort from Clive Barker, comes a proposed Robocop series, which will show us first person action from the view of the title law enforcer.

Read more about the RoboCop web series, and all the other new projects on Machinima’s slate. (more…)


There’s a scene at the beginning of Chappie where South Africa’s fleet of robotic police man chase a group of silly looking gangstas through the freeways of Johannesburg, culminating in a brutally violent gunfight that highlights the viciousness of crime in a world requiring robot cops. In that moment, you think to yourself, didn’t they already remake RoboCop? Sadly, the comparisons between Neill Blomkamp‘s 2015 film, and Paul Verhoeven‘s 1987 classic don’t end there as Chappie tackles corporate corruption, greed, violence, and the eternal question of what makes a man a man, is the soul a quality of the organic, or is it something even a machine can obtain? (more…)


The RoboCop remake is finally making its way to DVD and Blu-ray, and the city of Detroit (ever proud of their metal icon) has decided to celebrate in some rather unique ways. They’ve been working on a RoboCop statue to grace their city, but it looks like that has been put on hold for a bit. Instead, they’ll be having the mechanical police officer throw out the first pitch at the Tigers vs. Blue Jays game today. (more…)


Don’t hate RoboCop because it’s a remake of a beloved sci-fi classic, hate it because it’s a tepid and blandish spin on the original film that thinks the best way to re-energize the concept it to go all the places that first one didn’t. Sometimes you do get it right the first time, and sometimes doing things because you can isn’t really a good enough reason for you to go through with it. Having said that, there are some interesting ideas in the new 2014 RoboCop, and some very interesting actors who try to realize them, but essentially this new Cop is a B-effort for a C-movie. (more…)


I guess the makers of the new RoboCop wanted to make sure they got our attention back after the orgy of nerd-centric trailers during last night’s Super Bowl. The new TV spot for the José Padilha film highlights the crime-filled world that the new RoboCop (played by Joel Kinnaman) will have to play in; which really looks more like an action movie war zone than anything tangibly real… Okay, let’s relax. We haven’t seen the finished movie yet, so let’s not get too far into the armchair quarterbacking. As for the ad itself, check it out for yourself below. (more…)


The release of the new Robocop reboot is almost upon us, and with it comes the last-minute marketing barrage. While most of what we’ve seen hasn’t been too impressive, making the new flick seem like just another action film that recycles an old property, the latest featurette focuses not on the man-machine that is the movie’s hero, but instead takes a look at the all-star cast in place to support the main player. Check out what is probably the best look at Robocop out there so far in the video below: (more…)

robocop 2014

Yesterday the folks at MGM brought us the first official trailer for the upcoming Robocop remake.  Unfortunately, it was little more than the titular character shooting things and, in my opinion, looked pretty mediocre.  Today, however, they’ve dropped the second TV spot, this one concentrating a bit more on what we can expect from the movie plot-wise.  And while much of it looks the same as the first flick, we do at least get more information and thus can make a more informed decision about whether to go see the damned thing or not.  Oh, and we actually get a look at the classic, grey Robocop design!  Check it out below. (more…)

robocop 2014

There are many out there with mixed feelings regarding the upcoming Robocop reboot.  And, of course, there are others that are screaming bloody murder about the whole affair.  But in order to judge a movie recipe, you must first have a taste of it.  So the powers-that-be have, with just a few short weeks before release, decided to grace us with a clip from the movie.  Check out Robo-Murphy shooting his guns at robot enemies during his field test in the video below. (more…)