Robot Uprising

We’re Screwed: SKYNET Now Exists

Start re-watching all those old Terminator movies and it’s spin-off series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you’re going to need all the information you can get. While the villainous program ‘Skynet’ was only a figment of the imagination it looks like it could actually be just around the corner. Those scientists should known better, you’d think they would have at least watched I,Robot at least once. First we create the programs that serve us and it looks like we could be creating our own real to life “Judgement day” thanks to things meant to make our lives simpler. With 2012 being the year known as the end of the world could we be seeing the first glimpse of the human race kissing shiny metal ass?

We got Skynet by the balls now, don’t we?

“RoboEarth is an attempt at creating a sort of Google Earth/Internet for robots, a place where standardized navigation and object information can be uploaded, stored, and then downloaded by a bot that needs it.”

“Scientists and researchers from the Technical University of Eindhoven, Philips & the universities of Stuttgart, München, Zaragoza & Zurich have just made a huge breakthrough with RoboEarth. They have managed to get the TechUnited AMIGO robot (pictured above) to download all the information it needs for a specific task and then carry out this task. The task seems simple, the robot had to pick up and serve a bottle of water to a person. The AMIGO was successful in doing this autonomously”

First we’re teaching these robots to serve us beer, the next thing we know they’re robbing us with a broken beer bottle. Sure they don’t look like T-800’s (and who decided the music) yet wait a few months and scientists will be developing this stuff for military applications. As long as your name isn’t John Connor the most you should be worrying about right now is if you have enough ammo in your basement.

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Remember watching Terminator 2, seeing that cybernetic arm in the glass case and knowing that’s what starts the robot uprising? Just seeing that arm was something that was far ahead of it’s time, even if it would one day become Arnold Schwarzenegger and his one-liners. Sure, companies like Cyberdyne and Skynet don’t exist, but that doesn’t mean people are not creating what we see in movies. If those self-tying Nike’s from Back To The Future are being made then why not start building you own T-800, one part at a time.

First an arm, next a head.

Constructed in a German robotics lab, its a bit unnerving to say the least. Not because of the Whole back history of Germany, but the fact that this thing is downright pants filling terror. Capable of all the complex movements of the human hand it can mimic the complexity of a doctor’s steady hand to the simple high five. It’s only a matter of time before these things are beating us at rock, paper, scissors. Start polishing your ass kissing boots now because by 2012 we could be polishing robot ass.

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