A Canadian research team built hitchBOT, a robot designed to hitchhike its way across the world.  After successful and largely-uneventful hitchhikes across Germany, the Netherlands, and even the large expanse of Canada, the team behind the automaton decided to let hitchBOT try and make his way across the USA – and America ruined it, as the machine was destroyed two weeks and less than 400 miles into its journey.



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This week on The Bastardcast, which is a thing you apparently listen to, Jeremy and Jason discuss why Dan Aykroyd‘s hope tastes like tumor salad. Also, the great question of life is asked: why is Futurama no longer a TV show but Vanilla Ice churning freaking butter is?

Wait! There are more things! Can JJ Abrams woo George Lucas away from the butter sculpting circuit (and if not, will Lucas align with Vanilla Ice to form the unstoppable butter-duo “Ice Ice Jawa”?)

Also, do robot’s draw dicks on mars and order pizza via Xbox because they are freaking douche bags? Is Joss Whedon pulling an us while really mailing it in with SHIELD? Will there ever be a good Daredevil movie? Do you even remember the long abandoned Bastardcast VERSUS segment? And who is the biggest one-eyed freaking badass on Earth: Nick Fury or Snake Plissken?


We don’t know the answer to any of this stuff, but we do know that Anthony Michael Hall and Ethan Embry’s work on a banner and a jacket to welcome Ed Helms to the Rusty Grisswold club is a COMPLETE FREAKING WASTE!

All of that and our slightly tardy 2010 Winter Movie Preview, on The Bastardcast!

The Bastardcast: Can we say fuck on here?

Well damn.

Since San Diego Comic-Con, I’ve heard from a handful of people who got to see the PAC RIM footage in Hall H and the one word that kept dribbling out of their lucky faces was “epic” — now, after seeing the first trailer, I can only concur and weep because this film looks beautiful.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, the movie stars Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, some the extra big-assed robots, and a few amazing monster aliens (or alien monsters) that have come from another dimension via a portal that lives in the part of the sea where Spongebob ain’t.

What more can I say? This looks like the kind of movie that filmmakers dream about making when they’re kids and the kind of technical spectacle that people get into the business to pursue.

Granted it’s only a trailer, but in del Toro’s hands, I know there will be something underneath the extremely impressive surface and I feel no need to be apprehensive or restrict the sweet, natural flow of my fanboy love and adoration.

This movie looks like it’s made of stars, I want to ride a unicorn to the screening and have the world’s first multiple orgasm solely by way of visual stimulation and I think we’re all gonna have that same reaction and experience that magic together. So check out the trailer and get your foreplay on, cause we’re cancelling the apocalypse y’all!

Pacific Rim comes out on July 13, 2013.


This time on the Peabody ignored Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy discuss the high points of a bacteria that poops gold, Mila Kunis‘ candidacy for Miss Glamour Puss of Earth-19 (aka the Sexiest Woman Alive), bullshit Marvel casting rumors, the real death of the dinosaurs, the benching of Community, and the greatest internet review of all time.

Then, in THE MAIN EVENT, our hosts discuss the mayhem of New York Comic Con and then briefly touch on that other event where a horde of diseased monsters stand between Jason and serenity (literally, the line for the Walking Dead panel is totes going to keep Jason from the Firefly panel) — The Walking Dead, which comes back to your television devices this Sunday. Will the Governor rise? Will Rick fall? Will it all take place in the snow globe of an autistic child? We just don’t know, so stop fucking asking us asshole!

Then, last and probably least, these fine young cannibals take you into the basement cage match where blood is spilled and Pokemon get cut — it’s the VERSUS ARENA and Jason is saying that a robot apocalypse trumps a zombie apocalypse because it will mean the end of twitter and because you can have less gross sex with a borg than you can with a walker. “Nuh uh, no you didn’t” says Jeremy though, as he punches Jason in the throat with his words and reminds him that zombies can’t climb stairs, so we would then all have more of a chance to survive. Except Jason because he’ll be knee deep in droid trim… apparently.

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It seems that Bandai wants Linkin Park to be mashed up with another anime series (first being the countless of Linkin Park/DBZ music videos) as it seems that Japan will be getting a 30th Anniversary Gundam Plastic Model that was specially designed by the band. What’s the connection you ask? Well, it seems that the upcoming arcade game, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs., will feature the song “The Catalyst,” that is from the bands new album. Of course, I’m sure some of you people will remember that in the “Somewhere I Belong” music video, it featured many Gundam plastic models.

Will the Gundam model come over stateside? Who knows but it’s been cool to see that Gundam has been getting some love from musicians, such as Andrew W.K. releasing a full Gundam anime cover album over in Japan. You think these type of things only work in Japan or do you think something like this will work in America?

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

1. Kindle – Oh to have the entire Chronicles of Narnia set right in your pocket at all times…the future is here, people. As every nerd knows, offers this little book reading device…but did you know the price just came down to $259!! Go now! Go add it to your wish list! And then come back and find out what else you want on your list for Santa this year…kindle

2. Retro Block iPod Speaker – Yes, this dorky little item will charm any nerd with a penchant for engineering. The little Lego-looking mini-dock requires no batteries! Oh, and joy of all joys…you can get in in regular or metallic! Available at

ipoddockLego…read more after the jump (more…)

Domo Arigato, Mr. Robo…Gigantor!

Robo 1

And so the time has come when Japan has created a monster…well, at least a giant statue of a robot….close enough. The 1.5 million-dollor statue is now complete and is stand on its own. At 60 feet tall and weighing in at 50 tons, I hope to god this creature stays put. I would love to see Boston build something like this…right in the middle of Faneuil Hall. Thanks Gizmodo.
More pictures after the jump…