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Listen up you Kings and Queens of Simulated Rock & Roll. It would seem that it’s time to head to the landfill, or at least the basement, and collect the plastic weapons of rock you so long ago disposed of, Harmonix and Mad Catz have announced that they are bringing the dormant Rock Band franchise back from the dead. Promising that they won’t milk the franchise to death with a billion annual sequels and one-offs this time around, Harmonix intends to release Rock Band 4 as the singular entry in this console generation, calling it a new platform for their interactive music experience. (more…)


Put your mullet away and tell Slash to go home — Guitar Hero has strummed its last note.

Activision Blizzard announced Wednesday afternoon that it will close down its music video game division, which means the Guitar Hero franchise is toast. GH dies because of the massive declines in consumer purchases of music-genre games. You kidz ain’t buyin’ no mo’, apparently.

The Guitar Hero title that was scheduled for release this year has been shut down.

The Blizzard side of the company will see growth, however, as Activision Blizzard tackles a new MMO as well as Call of Duty projects.

What’s your take? Will you care about Guitar Hero’s demise? Do you still play Rock Band? Or have you transferred all your music energy to Dance Central and Just Dance?




Guitar Hero


So what’s the deal with those video games? Sorry, I couldn’t resist as I am an unoriginal, lazy fat ass that happens to love both video games and comedy stand-up.

The clip below has Irish comedian, Dara O’Brian (The Panel, Mock the Week), doing his stand-up bit about video games. He jokes about how past music rhythm games would force you to play songs you probably don’t want to in order to play the songs you really want to play. He also has a pretty funny bit about Metal Gear Solid and the character Otacon.

Check the video out as you might get a laugh about it and leave a comment after a break by telling us some of your favorite comedy bits about anything in nerd culture.

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Ridiculous Rock Band Drummer


So funny Rock Band story, after I completed the Endless Setlist for the first Rock Band, I pulled a muscle on my leg since apparently playing 6.5 hours of Rock Band drums can do that to you. I guess my leg couldn’t hold my fat body anymore the moment I got up. Anyway, while this may not be like the naked chick playing Rock Band, this video is still amazing in it’s on way.

The Black Dahila Murder’s “What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse” has a max level of difficulty on the drum department so this is quite a feat as HomelessCarl successfully does a 100% note hit on the song. Check the video out and see if you can hit all 3195 notes and be amazed as I was and also cry because I know I will never be that good (ok, maybe I’ll be the only one that cries).

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rockbandnaked3 at 9.56.32 PM

Remember a while back there was the video of the cute girl playing the Nintendo Wii in her underwear? This video improves on the concept. Cute girl playing Rock Band naked.

The only thing that detracts a few awesome points is that her kids are around, but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for that.

Can you name the song without replaying the video a second time?


Rock Band 3 ups the mother fucking ante with the introduction of a REAL WORKING FULLY FUNCTIONAL GUITAR.The Squire Stratocaster Pro controller can be plugged into in  an amp crank it to 11 while simultaneously rocking the game on your TV. For someone who is musically retarded (such as myself) this could turn out to be a great learning tool. Hell at least we’d be learning a skill other than hand eye coordination (which is important, but come on). Now when someone asks “Why do you have carpel tunnel syndrome at 13? You can so, no it isn’t chronic masturbation(lies) or video games, I was learning to play the guitar (sorta).  Stick around after the jump for a gigantic gallery full of sexy shots of this beast and a video of it in action.


South Park Still Razor Sharp

I know South Park is a little dated. In fact Family Guy took over in the “No they D’int!” cartoon shock shows. But as I began getting back into the series, I realized how topical and relevant they remain, as well as still laugh out loud hilarious. (more…)

fagsSo for the past few years you guys have been living it big. Guitar Hero was successful enough to garner a sequel, good for you. This shit was so popular that Guitar Hero got picked up by a much larger company. Then came another sequel… and another… and another. You even made games based on bands, that’s really cool too. You brought awareness to rock music, again, that is also commendable. Harmonix, Boston based creators of Guitar Hero, decided to be cool and came out with Rock Band. Sweet. Some bands even got somewhat famous due to being included in these games. Hell, that itself is the best thing about all of this. But honestly, as a long time gamer and a pseudo-credible musician, this shit really irritates me now and all of this non-sense should really chill out for a bit. Read on and I will explain why, I think these games are bogus.  (more…)

So you think you can play guitar?

We’ve all spent endless nights slamming the buttons of a Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitar, and thought that we were the freakin’ man.  Some of us take it a little too far, claims Mr. Chris of The New Underground.  “People have actually come up to me and said, ‘You play guitar?  My boyfriend is really good at guitar.  He plays Rock Band.’  It’s kind of ridiculous.  These people don’t know what playing a real instrument is like.”  

This has inspired me to create the [insert booming echoey voice] Scale of Legitimate  and Undeniable Talent or SLUT for short.